Our Week in Games – Week 110

Our Week in Games – Week 110

I’m sure most of us are experienced in one way or another with online multiplayer gaming and the highs and lows that go hand-in-hand when playing with other real people.

This week gamers have proven that community spirit still survives even in competetive enviroments when they banded together to eliminate a cheater in Fall Guys. This is just one example of many you can find on social media but it appears that until the developers implement better cheat detection, the community have got it sorted.

The love is even spreading to Escape From Tarkov where one PMC managed to heal a passing traveller (another PMC) and be on his merry way without a single shot being fired in each others direction, sacriledge!

Intros by Kevin


Red Dead Redemption 2. Probably the most anticipated game of 2018/19, critically acclaimed, released by one of the biggest developers in the world. I’m struggling with it.

Underneath all the filler content and kooky characters there is a brilliant cowboy simulator. But getting to the content that makes this game so good in my eyes is hard and that’s a shame. The main story line and quests are really good fun. Hijacking trains, drinking at the local bar, fighting gangs and so on. These all take place in brilliantly constructed towns and villages with NPC’s that quite honestly seem to be living real lives. The simulation is incredible.

With a game world as large as RDR2‘s I understand why Rockstar feel the need to add all this extra filler. Findng dinosaur bones, random encounters in the middle of nowhere that take you on a detour from your mission for 2 hours, hunting legendary animals, and so… many… mini-games… but for me all these do is detract from brillant content.

I’m definitely going to keep playing. Trying my hardest to stick to the main missions and the familiarity of my own gang. Fingers crossed I find the willpower to ignore everything else!


Reading Kevin’s piece reminds me of the joy I had when getting stuck into Red Dead 2 earlier this year. Simpler times back in February as I’m sure you would all agree. Work has been full on since the early days of lockdown, holding me back from investing the time required to get on top of such a massive game. But I have some time off in the not too distant future, and Red Dead will be something for me to strike off the list.

Last weekend I was visiting my girlfriends family, and by gently encouraging my partner to do the driving I was able to get stuck into Link’s Awakening on the Switch. I have a troubled history with Zelda games, but the focus of the long journey helped me get into the swing of things. It’s truly a game that makes the most of the Switch, helped by the gorgeous art style. Having been recently spending my Switch time on serious titles like Assassin’s Creed and The Persistence, getting my Zelda on has been welcomed.

Wrapping things up was some time in Football Manager researching the Welsh leagues, while Project CARS 3 has more than pleasantly surprised. But more on that soon.


Despite what is implied above, this week I have not been playing Theme Hospital’s spiritual successor Two Point Hospital. Instead, my wife has. On the rare occasions that she does find a game that she really gets into, I can frequently find myself exiled from the PC for weeks at a time. Despite this, it’s always great when she finds a game she really gets excited about. To occupy my time during this period of exile, I have instead migrated to the Switch, finding solace in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

My mind literally boggled at the sheer size of the world and experiences that Nintendo have managed to fold into a hand-held console. It’s just ridiculous. See that mountain on the horizon? Yup. You can go there, and if you do, you’ll probably discover it’s actually a rock monster that tries to eat you.

I’m not a huge fan of the weapon degradation system, however. The moment I find a weapon I enjoy using, it’s generally about three swings away from exploding into glittery fragments of disappointment. The resulting outcome is I frequently rush into battle with a bag full of wonderful weapons brandishing a pointy tree-branch, fearful that there will be a more dangerous threat just around the corner.

Currently I’m eyeing a gigantic robot elephant as my next objective, who is apparently threatening a nearby village with biblical floods, as gigantic robotic elephants tend to do. Alternatively, I might just turn around and go over there. You never know, there might be another pointy stick I can use.

One thought on “Our Week in Games – Week 110

  1. Totally agree on RDR2!!!

    I love it when i’m playing it, but then… i just lose interest. Too many daft fetch quests, too much filler. I’m not even a third of the way through and i stopped playing.

    And there’s not been ‘enough’ there to pull me back.

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