Our Week in Games – Week 113

Our Week in Games – Week 113

Following a mad few weeks of reveals for everything ranging from new nVidia graphics cards to the Xbox Series lines of consoles and the PlayStation 5, this past week has felt a lot calmer. At least in the gaming world.

While the world around us continues to go to pot (I’m fully expecting to be in a local lockdown by the time this is published), with another edition of Our Week in Games we hope to shine a bit of brightness into your lives.


The moment I lost my throne…

I’ve had some time off the day job this past week, a much needed chance to recharge the batteries and play some games. There has been plenty of gaming going on, mainly with Crusader Kings III and The Outer Worlds (I do have to check that I’m writing Worlds and not Wilds with that one), and have been having a rip roaring time.

If I get around to it, I’ll be exploring both of these titles in some more detail. But with Kings, I’ve been royally enjoying my time. I started off as the ruler of one of the Welsh provinces, and soon enough formed the Kingdom of Wales, it was all well and good until I died, and my sons squabbled amongst each other. Playing as my heir, I failed to build up the armies required to stop my brothers taking the throne off me.

Since then, I’ve been building up my power once again, keeping my domain under control when my ruling character dies, all the while maintaining fealty to the King of Wales. Fortunately, much of the British Isles has been conquered by the raiding Norse tribes so a pretty regular batch of a Holy Wars has allowed me to carve out my own land in Wales and over the English border and start to dominate Ireland.

Soon enough I’m going to have to declare my independence from my liege so I can form the Kingdom of Ireland. Once that’s been achieved? I’ll have to see whether I can bring the British Isles as a whole under my control…power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.


p.s. I’ve also been doing some work behind the scenes, tweaking menus on the home page. So please do hop on over to our Discord server, or even take a look at our Patreon.


I’ve been finishing my round-up of the Dual Universe Beta (those words can be found here), so I the majority of my time on that. I also played one or two raids in Tarkov on a whim and immediately found a 7-million rouble security card. Maybe that’s Tarkov’s way of apologising to me….? 

That aside, I downloaded and played a co-stream with two friends of mine on Left4Dead2. Inspired by the impending new update. And you know what? I had an absolute blast! The game is still killing it some ten-years later and multiple laughs and funs (its a word) were had.

I’d forgotten how unforgiving the game was though. Obviously being a little rusty we forgot some of the maps, some of the dynamic events and died a couple of times- but we managed to complete a full chapter and extracted safely… With only poor Bill not making it. Incredible fun and I see it being a regular again for me. If you own it already, it’s worth dusting it off, if not… then there’s currently a free weekend, so just give it a go!


Don’t buy any more games! Don’t buy any more games! Don’t buy any more games!

That’s what I tell myself every year when sale season comes around, but of course I can’t seem to help it and for the past five years or so I find that I buy more cheap games than I could ever hope to play.

Don’t buy any more games! I find myself saying again this year, but this time it will be different. This year I’ve chosen not to kid myself. It’s inevitable. I’m 100% going to buy more games whether that be on Steam or one of the countless other websites that have muscled in on the sale scene.

Instead my goal now… well it’s to actually play these games I’ve accumulated over the years and most likely into the coming months. Hopefully ‘Our Week In Games’ will serve as a testament to my success in the coming weeks, time will tell.


After spending the past few weeks trudging through toxic blizzards in Wasteland 3 (highly recommended, quite good, very fun, if I do say so myself) I returned to my journey through Quake.

The second mission pack, Dissolution of Eternity, was developed by the creators of Strife, Rogue Entertainment. Rogue would soon after disband and see many of its former staff move over to Nerve Software, whose first and second games were Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, respectively. They know id, basically.

Dissolution of Eternity

I did like Dissolution of Eternity, possibly more than the first time I played it, but it lacked Scourge of Armagon’s cinematic propulsion. Your trek through time (Quake is trying to fuck up the continuum! Can you believe it!) is pretty interesting and the levels are quite idiosyncratic – weird temples, dungeons designed to bamboozle, you know the drill – but I just don’t feel it holds together as well. It also has the weakest level titles, a true crime in this series.

Oh, and last night I dipped into L4D2 for the first time in years. Valve released a huge update this week – chief among which was the community-made campaign Last Stand – as well as making the game free for the weekend. It’s amazing just how playable the entire thing still is, even if I did run through the campaign on my own, which is arguably the least optimal way to experience a cooperative multiplayer game (Billy no Mates here). The moody, grungy palette is as gorgeous as ever and if you’re stuck for what to play this weekend, you could do a lot worse than zombie mayhem in L4D2.

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