Our Week in Games – Week 114

Our Week in Games – Week 114

It may well have been a week turned on its head by the hospitalisation of Trump, but here at Reticule Towers we’re focused on the games. This week we have tales of abandonware, political intrigue, climactic boss battles and Kevin being under the hilarious misconception that he’s anywhere near the end of Red Dead Redemption II.


A week back at work has well and truly wiped me out, so I didn’t get around to playing anything during the week. It took some getting used to after indulging during some time off, but a free Saturday morning led to a quick trip to abandonware. You might have guessed what I took a peak at based on the image at the top of the article, and yes I found a link to Sega Rally 2. An arcade classic that I would play when the opportunity presented itself, and this re-packaging does a good job of getting the game up and running on Windows 10. Yes it’s a bit unstable at times, but I’d heartily recommend checking it out for some retro goodness.

I also scavenged around for Network Q RAC Rally which I had up and running some years ago through DosBox. Unfortunately, after poking around a few sites I could only get a demo version running. Bitterly disappointed I must say not to get the full game running.

Elsewhere in Crusader Kings III I completed a further conquest of some Nordic held regions of Ireland, and then set an ultimatum to my liege. I was hesitant to fracture the Kingdom of Wales too much by trying to depose my king, so struck out on my own. It means that once I have the funds, I can form the Kingdom of Ireland, and then case my eyes back towards becoming the ruler of Wales once again.


After 2 weeks of trying to avoid spoilers because (pesky) Playstation players got it early, Spelunky 2 is finally out on PC. It’s absolutely brutal and I love it! It feels familiar enough that I had a decent idea of what I’m doing but there are enough surprises, secrets and new enemies that make it feel like learning the original Spelunky all over again, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I’m speaking as if I’ve completed the whole thing already but far from it. I’ve barely made it past the second biome in ten hours of playtime but the muscle memory is beginning to kick in with the new enemies and I can see myself getting a bit further each time. Now I just need to focus on not losing valuable early hit points to those blasted moles, or the spinning lizards, or getting hit by an arrow trap, oh and you never know when a bat is going to sneak up behind you… then there’s the ghost… aaaand the bear traps… and…

Aside from dying 200 times in Spelunky 2 I’ve also gotten back on the Red Dead Redemption 2, uh horse… I’m in the big city and things are a lot more enjoyable here gameplay-wise. I might just finish this one of these days!


After several weeks of exploring labyrinths, battling ancient robots and carrying out quests for bizarre little forest creatures just because they asked, yesterday I finally felt prepared to take on Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s ultimate challenge – Ganon himself.

To be honest, the battle itself was a little anti-climactic. By this point in the game I was skilled enough in dodging attacks and deflecting laser attacks that there wasn’t a huge amount the ‘Big Bad’ could really do to me, with the odd lucky shot that did slip through being nothing that a couple of square meals and a handful of apples couldn’t deal with. I can’t help but feel that healing during combat is perhaps something that the game shouldn’t allow, but another part of me thinks if I’m that against it I could’ve just chosen not to.

So Ganon died, the kingdom was saved, the princess said something meaningful and the credits rolled.

Now what? Now I reload to before I took on Ganon, turn around and ride off into the distance. I’ve a load of side-quests left to do, tiny little forest creatures to find and mountains to climb over.

I may have completed Zelda, but I’m definitely not done with it.

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  1. I think I’ve accepted I’ll never get back into Breath of the Wild! The Huyrule Warriors esque game later this year looks more my cup of tea :D

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