Our Week in Games Week 116

Our Week in Games Week 116

Oh dear, it looks like it’s a Monday, and our impressive sequence of only publishing Our Week in Games on a weekend has come to a crashing end. Not to mention the gap of a few years that we had before restarting this old chestnut of course. The gaming world seems to be in a pleasant sense of tranquility at the moment, Sony and Microsoft are drip feeding tidbits about their new machines, but nobody around the business is making any huge PR blunders (or worse). Writing that on a Monday though probably jinxes us for the rest of the week, but don’t blame us!

Anyway, read on for The Witcher TV show ramblings from Chris and find out how Kevin has progressed with Red Dead Redemption 2.


Aside from the odd moments of playing Spyro this week, my time has been dominated by Netflix’s hit show…The Witcher. Why has it taken so long for me to watch it all? Well, me and my girlfriend tried watching it earlier this year, but she struggled to follow the first few episodes which featured three very different time lines.

Even having read the books, it was at times tricky to put the time lines straight in my mind. Let alone trying to tie together the various rulers with those from the novels and the games. This week I decided to put that all to one side, and take the show as it was presented.

The first few episodes were still a maze of characters and events that form the backbone of Geralt’s adventures. Watching Geralt take down the striga was an awesome episode arc, but still the murkiness around how everything linked together was troubling.

Come the point where Geralt and Yenn meet for the first time, things started to become clearer. By the end of the season slaughter at Sodden, I was extremely invested. I think a monster of the week approach with a light touch overarching story, a la X-Files might have worked well. But TV these days, especially the Netflix flavour, is more focused on a short run of episodes fully focused on the broader mythology.

So season one was thrilling yet awkward as a book and game fan. I feel sorry for those who went in cold. Hopefully season two is a more rounded effort.



By ginger I’ve actually gone and done it, I’ve finished Red Dead Redemption 2! By all that’s holy it was a slog to get through those first 30 hours but once I’d decided to exclusively aim for story quests things began to feel a lot better. If nothing else It’s taught me to swear great in ye olde cowboy language.

Playing through RDR2 reminded me of the enjoyment I can get from RPG’s and there’s a whole load of them on my backlog begging to be installed one day.

Best not think about that now though with Cyberpunk 2077 just around the corner. In the meantime it’s onwards and upwards with some shorter indie games in the quest to shorten my backlog.

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