Our Week in Games – Week 122

Our Week in Games – Week 122

I had great intentions of writing a lengthy introduction while watching the Formula 1 this weekend, but after an extremely dramatic opening to the race, my mind isn’t in it. So, hit the break for Doom 3 and Noita discussions.


Surprisingly for someone who is a proud owner of a PlayStation 5 and some great games for that machine, my week hasn’t just been about Demon’s Souls or Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla as a considerable amount of my time during TV sessions of Bake Off and I’m a Celeb has been spent playing Doom 3 on the Switch, and the same amount of time talking about the game on our Discord channel. While I am a Doom 3 apologist and don’t think it deserves some of the hate that it received at release, or since, it did come to mind while talking about it that it feels a generation apart from Half-Life 2 which came out three short months after id Software’s horror take on their shooter series. You see, Doom 3 does what it does (corridors, jump scares and demons) very well, but it did make for a repetitive environment for the demon slaughtering in a very male dominated Martian science laboratory.

Think about the masterful Half-Life 2 and you have the skyboxes of City 17 for a view, vehicular sections and a diverse cast epitomised by Alyx and Eli. It really was a world apart from what id Software had delivered, and really it still stands out as a fantastic example of what is as near a pure first-person shooter as there is. The singleplayer first-person shooter genre is now largely dominated by Call of Duty and the occasional Doom or Wolfenstein release thrown in for good measure, with games like Dishonored showing the direction that would be taken with immersive sims and Borderlands a key first-person RPG looter. We’re in a different videogame market these days when compared with the 2004 might of Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, but I will keep plugging away with Doom 3 on the Switch to get my shooter fix.


Noita. Pixels. ALL THE EXPLOSIONS. Death. Always, inevitably, death. Steam tells me I’ve put over 35 hrs into Nolla Games’ excellent little rogue-a-like which is really not bad for a game of this type; given my average run time is around ten minutes. I played when the game was in early access, but recently found a new impetus to play when I finally began to understand the incredibly deep wand and spell mechanics. I’ve managed to create some utterly terrifying wands- ones that generate SO much damage and items/agents on screen that my pc started to slow down. My gaming rig. Running a side-scrolling pixel-based dungeon crawler.

The problem, inevitably, comes when I start enjoying myself too much and then the degree of caution I take starts to drop…. Typically my death is a due to some sort of environmental explosion/damage that I overlook- either because I’m having too much fun or because there’s just so much carnage on screen that I miss the partially hidden explosive barrel…

…but I love it. It’s just so much fun and watching the game world burning and collapsing around you that playing is just a constant joy. It’s even became a regular on my stream’s as the carnage (and my regular deaths) appear to make a good spectacle. If you haven’t played it and think, even remotely, that this is up your street; you should play it. I’ll see you there.

Intros by Chris.

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