Our Week in Games – Week 127

Our Week in Games – Week 127

We’re in the depths of winter with snow flurries aplenty, the Six Nations underway and another inevitable saga around CD Projekt Red and continuing fallout from the release of Cyberpunk 2077. The events of the past week have seen claims of a massive hack of CD Projekt Red servers, and the potential sale of the stolen data. While the release of Cyberpunk was undoubtedly bungled, the hate and vitriol that has ensued casts the entire games industry in a negative light.

All is not lost though, and hopefully the tales of Our Week in Games offers some entertainment on this Valentine’s Sunday afternoon.


My gaming week started last Sunday in the twilight hours before SuperBowl XV kicked off. Having come to terms with the fact that my PC was starting to struggle with playing games at decent level of performance I did some research into the latest and greatest gaming laptops. With the new range of nVidia graphics cards in short supply, I noticed that Razer’s 2021 range of laptops were coming with the new nVidia cards. They might be mobile versions of the desktop cards, but they’re still leaps and bounds ahead of my 1060GTX, and I took the plunge with buying a 15″ Razer Blade.

It meant my week was filled with anticipation as I checked my delivery progress, all the while keeping my head above water in the day job.

Once the shiny new machine, I quickly set about downloading some games. My choices were varied, Assetto Corsa Competizione for some racing action, Rise of Industry for something more laid back and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The latter might seem odd considering I have Valhalla on the PlayStation 5 to still finish, but I was never able to get into a good rhytm with Odyssey on my PC originally. I experienced constant slow down with frames dropping out and frequent pauses, along with textures regularly failing to load.

To now be able to play what is a brilliant game at max settings without any slowdown is a pleasure. Graphics settings might not be everything, but a silky smooth experience is what really makes the difference.

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