Our Week in Games – Week 129

Our Week in Games – Week 129

Pokemon to the left of me,
Pokemon to the right of me,
Here I am stuck in the middle of Pikachu

With that, our ode to the news that there will be remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is complete. The more impressive news from this week was Sony announcing that a next-generation VR headset will be coming, presumably next year. There’s an article on GI.biz which explores the need for Sony to ensure PSVR2 comes with a great range of software, as just providing a shiny piece of new tech is unlikely to lead PSVR2 to breaking beyond the 5-million units sold barrier of the original tech.

It’s an announcement that confirms there is plenty of life left in this console cycle. While you ponder that though, hit the break to check out Our Week in Games.


It’s been another adhoc week in my gaming life this past week, with Cardaclysm taking up quite a bit of my time towards the start of the week as I prepared to write my Early Access Verdict.

Elsewhere I have continued journeying through Super Mario 3D World. I fully intend to complete the main game before progressing to Bowser’s Fury, but with my arrival in World 3, the challenge of the levels has decidedly increased hand in hand with their creativity. The Luigi’s Mansion level was perhaps a precursor to Nintendo resurrecting that series for a full effort, with other levels in World 3 sending you to explore a level when predominantly underwater which adds a new dynamic to your movement set. The Super Mario Bros. games aren’t necessarily my cup of Mario-flavoured tea, but titles like 3D World and Odyssey are a joy.

What of Control? It continues to unnerve me, but I continue to explore the Old House and having progressed beyond the opening sections I am starting to feel like I know what is going on. Though no doubt I’ll be proven wrong.


I’ve been spending my time mostly playing the ever present Tarkov, having changed to a more pvp focussed playstyle. But something else has begun impinging on that monolith in my gaming library, and that’s upcoming Fights in Tight Spaces, which, as our very own Nick pointed out somehow avoids the FIST acronym- making the name not quite perfect.

So despite having a lot of fun coming up with other anagrams for Fishermen in Trawler Ships, I’ve found the game to be something of a palate cleanser. I don’t want to spoil my upcoming Florists in Town Square’s review, but it’s a lovely mix of strategy and card/enemy management, sprinkled with a stylised view that somehow highlights the brutality of some of the moves. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

Expect my Friars in Toulouseian Sects review up soon!

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