Our Week in Games – Week 133

Our Week in Games – Week 133

The football world was shocked this weekend when the Republic of Ireland were beaten by part-timers Luxembourg. The FIFA world however has been suffering numerous shocks in recent weeks with various investigations by the team at Eurogamer exploring issues with racist content, accusations of dodgy selling of Ultimate Team items. This week they are back with an investigation into the claims from EA that you can assemble a truly ultimate team without spending your hard earned money. The sums that some players spend on an annual basis are astonishing. Take a read of that deep dive here.


I’ve been working my way through Control on and off for a few weeks now. It’s a deeply unnerving game as you explore the weirdness of The Oldest House, but for the most part the missions themselves are fairly generic “go here and meet person x”, there are some really enjoyable moments in those missions, but the narrative drive isn’t as strong as it should be. However, this week I stumbled across the A Matter of Time side-mission, one which starts when you find a wounded trooper called Horrowitz who needs help from a medic stuck in a locked portion of The Oldest House. 

The nature of receiving a mission from someone other than a senior manager of the Federal Bureau of Control, or the mysterious Ahti was welcome, with an understandable tale of someone needing medical help, and you being in a position to help out. The mission itself had all of the elements that you would expect from Control with wild combat and weirdness. But I really did appreciate the natural story telling of this one.

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