Our Week in Games – Week 136

Our Week in Games – Week 136

This week has been an extremely busy one for the Reticule crew. As a result it’s just little old me this week, recounting a short story of sailing the several seas.

But what have I been up to?


Well, this is all a little bit awkward.

As our U-Boat once again ploughed its way through the North Atlantic, our radioman received a message that one of our fellow U-Boats was experiencing a medical emergency. Due to a shortage of fresh food supplies they were suffering from an unpleasant outbreak of scurvy and were desperate for help. As one of the only friendly vessels in range we immediately altered course to intercept at maximum speed, despite the high cost to our precious fuel supplies.

In little more than a day, we pulled up alongside our ocean-going twin to imagined cheers from their suffering crew. I gave the order to load up our small rowing boat with the freshest produce and deliver it at best possible speed.

“What do you mean we haven’t got any fruit?”

“We didn’t bring any sir. You said the tinned stuff would be fine.”

“You mean we’ve sailed several hundred miles and used over a third of our fuel supplies to bring these people some bananas, and we don’t actually have any?”

“Yes Captain.”



Our vessel slowly pulled away, deck crew carefully avoiding meeting eyes with their sickly looking counterparts. As the submarine increased speed, her crew made a silent vow to never mention fresh fruit in the presence of her Captain ever again.

One thought on “Our Week in Games – Week 136

  1. I intended to comment on this on Sunday. But…house stuff. Your tales make me wonder what it is about the U-boat that allows games to put you in the shoes of the bad guys without much consternation…maybe they are so submerged from the mainstream that they get away with it.

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