Our Week in Games – Week 141

Our Week in Games – Week 141

Once upon a time, The Reticule was a PC only site, that was until 2011 when the site was relaunched as a multiplatform site. The relaunch saw the original content archived, but some WordPress magic now sees that original content here on the main site.

We hope you enjoy reading our history, for now though hit the break for a review of Our Week in Games.


Have I played anything this past week? I’m honestly not too sure. I’ve certainly spent plenty of time downloading games as I continue to shift from a desktop PC to my laptop. Mass Effect has made its way into my Steam library, while Forza 7 just refuses to load on my laptop. That might need me to uninstall it from my external SSD and install it onto the laptop itself.


In light of GAME’s current offer of extra trade-in value of older console when purchasing an Xbox Series S, I found myself trying to get my old PlayStation 4 into condition for trade-in. What should have been a five minute task saw me clambering in the loft to find said machine, then another hour trying to find a USB cable that would allow my DS4 pad to sync up with the console in the start-up screens. After all that effort, it will be my luck that the GAME stores in my area will be out of stock of the Series S.

*double sigh*

Anyway, e3 is just around the corner, and already the pre-event analysis has started. I’ll endeavour to have some thoughts before, during or even after the event, but for now I’d suggest taking a look at this GI.biz article on what’s at stake for the three console makers at the show this year.


After several years of playing turn-based tactical games, returning to Relic’s Dawn of War came as a bit of a shock. Where I was expecting a methodical and slow-paced battle, instead I frequently found myself on the back foot, scrabbling to assemble sufficient firepower to drive off the opposition.

Perhaps it’s not the game – age may have begun its inescapable assault on my reflexes and I need to accept that I’m just not the high-speed twitch gamer I probably never even was to begin with.

Nevertheless, the grim dark setting of Warhammer 40k has always fascinated me. While I never participated in the tabletop world beyond the odd game of Spacehulk, the novels and digital games with their brutal and pessimistic outlook on the far future have always interested me. Dawn of War’s setting allows for some spectacular death-animations and for hilariously over-dramatic storytelling, featuring betrayal and galaxy-wide threats that dragged me inescapably onward into battle.

Though it may be tough and I may be slow, with the dark forces of Chaos hammering against my defences and the sound of heavy bolters ringing in my ears, I’m not going down without a fight.

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