Our Week in Games – Week 145

Our Week in Games – Week 145

We might be a day late with the 145th edition of Our Week in Games, but the delay was perfectly timed as news about Sony’s plans for the cross-gen update for Ghost of Tsushima’s broke. While Eurogamer have all the details, it is frankly shocking that if you buy the Director’s Cut edition of Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation 4 and then want to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version, you’ll have to fork out £9 for the privilege.

If you hit the break, you’ll find out about how Chris has been experiencing and exploring the wonders of Xbox Game Pass, and how it compares with Sony’s offerings. The latest palaver around Tsushima shows that Sony are out of touch with much more than just how PlayStation Plus compares with Microsoft’s offering.


For the last console generation, I was undoubtedly hooked into the PlayStation ecosystem, and started this new generation with a day one purchase of a PlayStation 5.

In recent weeks though, I’ve picked up an Xbox Series S and have started to see the wisdom of Microsoft’s interconnected systems…provided that you have the top tier Game Pass subscription of course. But when it offers as much as it does, it’s hard to argue against.

For me, I downloaded Octopath Traveler on the Xbox upstairs and made some early progress. Next day, I wanted to play it on my laptop while watching the Euros. This required some typical PC gaming nonsense to get a game installed through the Xbox app to recognise my DualSense 5. Usual PC trickery out of the way and I was able to continue playing Octopath with Xbox Play Anywhere.

This morning while writing my OWIG entry, I jumped onto the Xbox Cloud Gaming website on my phone, and picked up my progress in Octopath once more.

Apart from the pain of getting the game to recognise my DualSense pad, everything was so easy. Who could ask for much more?

It all makes Sony’s PlayStation Plus offering, cross-generation support and general consumer focus seem ever more lacking.

If you want a deeper dive into the missteps Sony are taking, this GI.biz article is well worth a read.

For now, I’ll go back to playing Octopath Traveler on pretty much any device I can think of.

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