Our Week in Games – Week 150

Our Week in Games – Week 150

One hundred and fifty of these wonderful Our Week in Games features. We hope you have enjoyed them over the years!

This week saw a remaster of Quake appear, and we do of course recommend you read these words from Ross about that.

Now, hit the break for more of Our Week in Games.


I’ve continued my way through Mass Effect as part of the Legendary Edition. I can’t get over how clunky the quest, skill and equipment screens are, but this is quite an old game at heart so I’ll give it some slack. I do hope things pick up with the sequels on that front.

I’ve been exploring the galaxy, jumping between systems as I get used to the various game mechanics. After exploring a few rocks in the Mako, I came across an asteroid being hurled towards an inhabited planet. I’ve not a clue whether I had found a story mission, or just an interesting side quest, but I did enjoy saving the world. Having to decide between taking out the chief baddie on the asteroid, or saving some hostages wasn’t too hard a decision. But I do wonder whether my decision will bite me in the proverbial future down the line…


I’d planned to structure the week around Metroid Prime and, God willing, Boyfriend Dungeon (because it looks absolutely glorious). I didn’t get around to the latter, but I did stay true to my promise to delve deeper into the world of Metroid now that the GameCube was up-and-running.

It doubtless comes as no surprise that Retro Studios’ 2002 first-person adventure is good (it didn’t), but what I wasn’t prepared for – and Super Metroid ought to have given me some indication as to the prowess of this series – is how good. It’s incredible – a stunning blend of action and exploration, seamlessly integrating Metroid’s core gameplay into the first-person perspective. I’m very excited to do more…

…but then Thursday happened, and I was compelled to check out Machine Games’ Quake remaster. I was glad I did; here is a remaster that changes only what it needs to, nudging one of the best games ever made into the twenty-first century whilst maintaining everything that made it such a masterpiece. I’m about halfway through their new expansion pack – Dimension of the Machine – and hope to pen a few words on in the next couple of days. If you haven’t already, check it out.

There’s also a series of physical copies on the way courtesy of Limited Run Games, with an ultimate edition coming it at $174.99!

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