Our Week in Games – Week 151

Our Week in Games – Week 151

This week saw Blizzard confirm that Overwatch’s Jesse McCree, the wise-cracking DPS cowboy, would be renamed following fallout from the sexual harassment suit filed in the state of California. McCree was named after real-life Blizzard developer Jesse McCree, who was shown to be aware of the heinous ‘Cosby Suite’. McCree has since been terminated by Blizzard.

It’s something many fans were clamouring for in the wake of the damning revelations, painting a toxic workplace rife with discrimination and sexual harassment. Good riddance, we say.

And in the wake of the controversial Saints Row reboot trailer landing, developer Volition have responded to fan backlash (which is ludicrously, but unsurprisingly, whiny and corrosive) by clarifying that they have no intention of backing down. And frankly, more power to the devs. The world has changed since the release of the original game in 2006, and hopefully this’ll be a game that reflects that. Fingers crossed.

It’s morphin’ time this week as Nick attempts to change-ify his own home into a slightly more powerful version of itself and Chris tries to transmorphigate Port Talbot Town into a slightly better football team. But have the brave Reticule team won through this week, or have they wildly somersaulted backwards through the air as large sparkly explosions go off?

Let’s see what we’ve been up to in this week’s exciting instalment of Our Week In Games.


Chris forgot to include a screenshot, but I’m relatively certain this must be the Football Manager he’s talking about

Ah, football. The beautiful game, which is best realised when viewed as a range of numbers between 1 and 20. I am of course referring to Football Manager. I’m back with the goodness of SI Games’ wonderful simulator running through my veins. The restart of the football season had brought me back into it, and last weekend as I watched the last few hours of Le Mans, I calmly and methodically led Port Talbot Town to the JD Cymru South title and promotion to the JD Cymru Premier. At one point I entrusted the leadership of the club to my assistant manager as I took my manager self on holiday. The assistant failed to deliver the goods, and a quick return to my original save granted me the opportunity to make amends. Make amends I did, completing the second half of the season without any save scumming, and the title in my hands.

Life in the Cymru Premier will prove to be more challenging, and I might well find other games to keep me occupied. But for now, I’ll savour my triumph and make a plan to challenge for European qualification…


Go, go, legally distinct Ranger People!

Due to a ridiculous amount of home improvement this past couple of weeks, gaming has taken something of a back-foot to moving heavy objects up and down stairs. What few minutes I did find spare were devoted to Behold Studio’s ridiculous Chroma Squad, a turn-based tactical love letter to the Power Rangers show. My five costumed teenagers somersaulted, cartwheeled, leapt and struck mighty poses through battles. More importantly than that, it does also include a giant robot that can punch things.

I am slightly disappointed that an important part of the series is missing. While it’s nailed the jumping around in silly costumes bit and also the giant robot fighting in the city bit, but where’s the intermediate step? Where’s the bit where merely quite large robots leap through the air like majestic motorised salmon. to take on the giant monster before inevitably realising their weapons aren’t quite powerful enough and they have to merge into a single larger robot? Into The Breach demonstrated exactly how much fun stompy robots fighting alien monsters can be, so let me summon my robotic dinosaurs / planes / trains / automobiles, even if it is just to inevitably end up squishing them together like an overcomplicated Airfix model.


The new Doctor Who intro looks great…

I want to somersault through the air as explosions go off…..

So, what have I been doing this week then? Well, a lot of mobile gaming as it happens; what with being on my hols and all. I’ve revisited Battlevoid:Harbinger (THE best mobile spaceship, strategy game), Super Hexagon (excellent soundtrack, B*stard hard) and Angry Birds (tee hee, Birds) to name a few. All were fun and all were enjoyed.

That aside I’ve been drawn back into the world of Tarkov. I Re-installed it yesterday and have already had a few rounds. Bugs are still there. Lag, game freezes- all the things that made me stop playing… and yet… I’m still drawn back. Hopefully Stalker 2 will be good on release and scratch that itch in Tarkov’s stead.

Finally, I’ve been reviewing two new titles; Glitchpunk a top-down GTA clone with a unique art style and Hell Architect. Reviews up soon.

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