Our Week In Games – Week 152

Our Week In Games – Week 152

Well, that was a lot of drama wasn’t it.

CEO of Tripwire Entertainment making public comments on the Texas Supreme-court ruling (preventing women from having autonomy over their own bodies), and then paying the inevitable price when he ‘moved on’ from the role shortly after. One can’t help but wonder, given how often this sort of thing happens, why those who decry games for being “political” are the same people making comments like this. Hopefully the damage to the developers under the Tripwire umbrella wasn’t too severe and we can all just move along now.

In other news the Knights of the Old Republic remake has been announced to much squeeing (it’s a word) on the internet. Interestingly Bioware, the original games developers, appear to not be involved. Watch this space for more on this as and when we get it, but colour us very excited.

Feel free to make the lightsaber swoosh/vroom noise in your head now.

intro by Jon


Tarkov, thou foul mistress. Why does thy plague me so. That said, I’m quite pleased with a number of the recent updates; Scav Karma being the primary one, but I’m also more excited by the upcoming inertia changes that have also been announced. You see, bunny-hopping around a level, sprinting off 2 story drops and 360′ no-scoping is not, as it turns out, particularly realistic. Tarkov has somewhat turned into a bit of a split community game- half using it as the mill slim it purports to be, the other using it as a slightly more-complicated deathmatch battle-royale. The upcoming inertia changes should kill the latter, and move it back into the hands of the former. This could be the update that makes the game. Expect a more in-depth analysis on this from me in the coming days.

Other than that I’ve been struggling to find a mobile-game that I like. I’ve run through all the usual suspects and… well they’re just so dull now. Given the sectors model of multiple clones of successful franchises originality seems to be missing. That said, I am finding a few little gems among the clone-wars that are the app stores…. perhaps if you’re well behaved I’ll drop them into an article for you.

Vrooom Vrooom. Swooosh.


In recent weeks I finished The Last of Us 2, and that was a monster of a game. I’ll be having words on that here soon enough, so keep your eyes open for that.

This week though I jumped back into Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, with well over forty hours logged on my save, it’s always nice to return to Greece. My Odyssey return was inspired by an afternoon of playing Immortals: Fenyx Rising at the start of the week. I thought Immortals was going to be a stylised take on Assassin’s Creed, but its a potentially wonderful combination of that and Breath of the Wild. I say potential as I’m likely to end up with my head in Deathloop from next week.

I can’t wait to get stuck into the loop.

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