Our Week in Games – Week 153

Our Week in Games – Week 153

The big news last week was Nintendo surprise dropping a new Nintendo Direct. Those rumours of a Switch Pro still aren’t turning into anything substantial, but Nintendo did reveal that in late October they will be releasing an “expansion” to their Nintendo Online offering. This will bring a range of N64 and Sega Mega Drive titles to the service.

For some serious analysis of this change, take a look at this piece on GI.biz then hit the break for Our Week in Games.


For sure, I’ve been looping around and exploring Arkane’s (potentially) Game of the Year contending Deathloop. But that’s a big game, with plenty of thoughts still to come.

For today I want to share a game I played a couple of weeks ago, when I booted up Day’s Gone on the PlayStation 5. This has been part of the PlayStation Plus collection since the PlayStation 5 launched, but I kept myself pretty busy on that machine with The Last of Us Part II over most of the summer. With one zombie thriller out of the way, the allure of something dark after a few days of Immortals Fenyx Rising was too much to resist. So I dove in, and can see a perfectly good 7 or 8 out of 10 game hanging around.

Some aspects of the control are beyond clunky and reach into downright torturous, while car alarms in games can’t die a death quick enough. But exploration, zombie bashing and survival all seem pretty decent. With Deathloop on the go, I might not get back to Day’s Gone for quite some time, but that’s alright. It’s nice to know the PlayStation Plus collection has some goodness for me to make the most of.


I’ve always had a bit of a problem with sports games, because being perfectly honest with myself, I’m not very good at them. In fairness, this isn’t restricted to the digital realm either – I’m just as uncoordinated, slow and unfit in real life as I am in video games.

A few months ago, my son received a skateboard as a gift. Being the natural athlete that I am, I thought I’d give it a go. It turns out that standing on a small piece of wood without falling off it is quite difficult, but this week I may have found a solution.

You see, it’s ok to be awful at skateboarding, just as long as you’re a tiny little bird.

Being a small bird on a skateboard is so much easier – there’s just no pressure. Nobody expects a small bird to effortlessly pull off kickflips or jumps; the very fact that a tiny bird is on a skateboard in the first place is just a wonderful sight to behold. Even if a trick does go awry, it doesn’t matter, the tiny bird is far too small to injure itself anyway and is soon back on its tiny little feet.

But what’s even better than a tiny bird on a skateboard? A tiny bird on a skateboard wearing a tiny hat.

So I guess this is me now, a tiny bird in a tiny hat on a tiny little skateboard. Just call me Tony Hawk.

Do you get it? Because hawk is a type of bir…oh forget it.


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