Our Week in Games – Week 157

Our Week in Games – Week 157

The Steam Autumn Sale lumbers into life like a predictably re-animated zombie corpse that is clumsily foreshadowed at the start of an 80’s B-movie. Or something.

Gone are the days when my wallet would be denuded by the wares on display- 33% off here, 50% off there, even- some say in hushed whispers… 75% off in some cases. Yet, I find myself resisting and not forking out- despite a number of games from my wishlist being on (rather good) sale. This coupled with Black Friday and the cornucopia of tech-deals available (Elgato have some particularly good deals if you’re that way inclined good reader) means the pre-Xmass assault on our finances has a worryingly co-ordinated feel to it.  But we here at Reticule Towers believe in you, you’ve got this.

Perhaps the sale is part of the reason Steam recorded 27 million concurrent users recently; a record that is slightly mind boggling to think about.

In more gaming-gaming news; Battlefield 2042 has had a…. wobbly start. The predictable (though still painful) server issues aside, players are reporting stability issues with a LOT of rubber-banding, very suspect hit-box registration, and bugs a plenty. My current favourite being the ability to affix a grappling-hook to a cloud of smoke… or even tornadoes.

You spin me right round, baby right round.


Jon makes plenty of good points about the Steam sale in his intro this week, but the detail which caught my eye was Mario Kart 8 sitting at the top of the UK boxed retail charts. This is a game which just keeps going, and it is testament to the continued selling power of the Switch. Most Switch bundles these days come with Mario Kart 8 included, so no only is the game itself a great seller, but the console is still shifting mega units. The boxed sale charts are one part of the puzzle when it comes to analysing the strength of the industry, especially with the rise of Games Pass, digital sales through the console stores and the elephant in the room which is Steam.

On my gaming front I’ve jumped back onto the Skyrim bandwagon. I’ve returned for two reasons. One is the obvious release of the anniversary edition, while the other inspiration has been The Forgotten City, a game which famously started out life as a mod for Skyrim. This time around, rather than playing as a Breton as I did originally and with the Switch release, I’ve started my adventure as a Dark Elf. I haven’t yet decided whether that means I’ll play with an evil glint in my eye as I bring havoc down upon the world, or if I’ll stop playing after five hours. That’s to be worked out, but it sure is nice to have a reason to play this masterpiece again.


I’ve finally Finished my ‘Too Many Humans’ review, and that will be up live soon. You owe me. you ALL owe me. That aside i’ve been delving back into the joys of Noita– that game just never gets old, but it’s not that title I wish to grand-stand this time. Hidden Deep by Cogwheel software is a Lovecraftian, thing-esque spelunki-ish game of exploration and survival. It’s got the Aesthetics of Barotrauma, the monsters/aliens of Carrion, and a really nifty headlamp.

Cogwheel games are allowing people to apply to be an early tester via their steam page and I thoroughly recommend you give this little gem a go. I’ve only played a few hours so far but oh my it’s something. I could enjoy this.

That aside, i’ve placed Tarkov on the backburner and I’m planning to try out Armada 3- the Star Trek-Themed total conversion for Stellaris. Pew pew. I’ll report back on how well that goes once i’ve got it up and running…

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