Our Week in Games – Week 24

Our Week in Games – Week 24

The snow has nearly gone, and thanks to the joys of scheduling posts, as you read the latest edition of Our Week in Games, I will be in London watching some wrestling. I’m not sure when I will next see a wrestling game come out though as during the THQ sale, 2K Games bought the rights to the WWE licence. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with that, but the good news is that Sega bought up Relic which means we should still get Warhammer 40K titles and Company of Heroes 2. Hit the jump to see what we have been playing this week.


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Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of an old friend, this week I’ve been stamping on heads and committing casual murder after finally acquiring a copy of Hotline Miami.

Actually, that’s a lie. What’s really happened is that I’ve been brutally and repeatedly murdered more times than it’s possible to keep track of. Hotline Miami isn’t the murder-simulator the tabloids have been fearing would one day emerge. No, it’s the exact opposite. It’s the definitive simulator of what it’s like to be repeatedly and painfully killed.

You can stand outside and plan all you want, but when you finally kick in that door and start swinging, the only thing that stands between you living or dying is sheer, unadulterated luck. When the bodies stop twitching and the blood stops spraying, you’ll curse your bad luck. But then you’ll realise the body on the floor isn’t you. This time you survived. This time you managed to dodge the…THUNK

You didn’t spot the other guy, did you?

The kind of people who accuse games of glorifying death and murder obviously don’t play the same games that I do. Years of being killed over very long distances in ArmA have completely put me off ever wanting to join the military, dozens of fatal crashes in GRID have driven me off ever wanting to race cars for a living, and Hotline Miami has definitely put me off ever wanting to become a homicidal maniac.

It’s just too damned hard.



I’ve started to dip my toes into the Android games market this past week on my Nexus 7 tablet, I could well play games on my S3, but it feels wrong to play games on something quite so small. I’ve played a very tiny amount of Minecraft: Pocket Edition but generally put it aside in favour of the more immediate fun and games found in Rayman Jungle Run and Temple Run 2. Both are very amusing and easy to get into, Rayman has the same artistic style as its console brethern Rayman Origins and features a short series of levels where you have to jump, hover and bosh your way through while collecting Lums. Short but sweet fun.

Temple Run 2 is much more addictive, I must be one of the few people who didn’t play the original, but the mechanics are so simple and easy to get to grips with that it keeps me wanting to come back for more. Both games are great fun and are perfect examples of what can be done on the mobile platform. I am however keen to find something with more long-term play, maybe Minecraft will be the one, but is there anything else out there I really need to check out?

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