Our Week In Games – Week 32

Our Week In Games – Week 32

So, another seven days have passed here at Reticule Towers. It’s been a busy week all round, so only Chris and I have managed to contribute to this weeks Our Week In Games. Nevertheless, here’s what we’ve both been up to this week.

This week I’ve mainly been running away from things in the two-dimensional horror that is Deadlight.

Originally an XBLA release, Deadlight lurched zombie-like onto Steam last October, and since then I’ve been waiting for a spare few days to have a good crack at it. Lo and behold, parenthood occurred, so before my paternity runs out, I thought I’d dig it out for a look.

Crowd control has been particularly harsh at this years Cup final.

Although it apparently didn’t score particularly highly in reviews, I’ve always been a fan of the likes of Flashback and Another World, which are more like two-dimensional interactive movies than any sort of platforming challenge. Similarly, it’s not been overly challenging so far, but I’ve been playing it for more than four hours and am still thoroughly enjoying the experience. Anyway, since a great deal of my gaming time is now spent with a baby cradled in one arm, it’s nice to find a game I can play one-handed and still enjoy.

For a side scrolling platformer, the animations of both the zombies and protagonist are remarkably slick. Watching the glowing-eyed creatures scrabbling over parked cars to reach you is genuinely unnerving, and it’s even managed to make me jump a couple of times.

Incidentally, it’s now Steam sale season, meaning Deadlight is available for less than the cost of a sandwich.


What do you think, too much make-up?

Quick run down for me this week. SimCity – still loving it despite the issues that have gone on. Turning my city into an industrial mining haven and undermining my initial efforts for a ‘green’ city. Coal mine, two ore mines, a coal power plant all in contrast with wind farms and solar panels. Loving it.

Also Heart of the Swarm – getting my rear end handed to me in the tutorial, might not get any wins when I venture online. Having a working mouse again is a joy though I must admit.


As always, feel free to contact us on Twitter or drop us an email if you think there’s anything particularly interesting we should be covering. See y’all next week.

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