Our Week in Games – Week 37

Our Week in Games – Week 37

The next Xbox is going to be revealed in May with a reported cost of $500. Is anyone actually interested apart from finding out whether the rumours of requiring a constant ‘net connection or not allowing second games are true or not? At the moment I’m still more inclined to get a Wii U for some brilliant Nintendo games.

What do you guys think about the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, hit the jump for the latest Our Week in Games.



I spent the first half of the week in London for the WWE TV tapings at the O2 Arena. I didn’t get around to playing anything on my tablet unfortunately, I was too busy watching the excellent third season of Boardwalk Empire. Love that show, tellingly my girlfriend remarked that it made her think of L.A. Noire. Makes me wish there were more games set in that period of time, I’m sure some cracking games could make that 1920’s setting work.

Elsewhere I’ve been playing Company of Heroes 2 as detailed in my hands on piece. Coming up this week I am planning to get into Don’t Starve and Eador, Masters of the Broken World, two indie games that recently dropped onto Steam. After my AAA adventures recently I am looking forward to getting some indie action under my belt once more.


Less a week playing games, and more a week playing with games. Inspired by conversations with the Fallout modders behind the Doctor Who mod I took a look at a few weeks back, this week I’ve been attempting to get to grips with the GECK, the¬†creation kit that’s allowed the creation of so many spectacular and in many cases unusual mods for Fallout.

I’ve always been fascinated with mods as a concept. Allowing your players to go nuts and create whatever they want with your game sounds like a recipe for disaster, but Bethesda, Bohemia Interactive and other developers have proven that a powerful modding community can ensure continual support and even financial success for older titles.

With only a few hours to spare this week, I haven’t managed to produce much in the way of original content – (my mod currently consists of a rather creepy looking man locked inside a room behind a password protected door,) but even so, it’s a start, and I’m intrigued to see what I’ll be able to come up with.


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