Our Week in Games – Week 41

Our Week in Games – Week 41

I wish the British weather would make up its mind, are we going to have a real summer or not? I certainly hope we do, nothing worse than a summer full of rain. But now we are in June, I am starting to eagerly anticipate the Rezzed expo at the NEC later this month. There are going to be a number of brilliant looking indie games on show, and it provides a refreshing take on games events after the madness of E3 which kicks off in a week. While we wait for that, lets get on with Our Week in Games.


On the plus, at least it's not 'I've got you babe.'
On the plus, at least it’s not ‘I’ve got you babe.’

This week has been a mad week of purchases. Thanks to SavyGamer I picked up Max Payne 3, GTA IV and LA Noire for less than ten pounds, Alan Wake and its expansion for next to nothing thanks to the Humble Bundle, and Trials Evolution on Steam.

I was intending to spend the weekend playing Max Payne 3, before leaving a few thoughts about it in this Week In Games. However, one thing stood in my way – an absolutely absurd 35gig download. I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. If I ever finish that download only to discover that I’ve wasted 35gig on rendering nostril hairs and bald-sweat, I am not going to be amused.

So instead of staring blankly at my monitor whilst Max Payne 3 apparently evolves sentience, I downloaded LA Noire and settled down for a bit of proper police work.

I’ve always wanted a decent police game, and LA Noire appears to, at least temporarily be scratching that itch. It has its problems – I’m not a fan of Phelp’s habit of flicking at random between considered questioning and angry ranting at suspects, but I’m enjoying nosing round crime scenes and creating scenarios in my head.

In the future, I’d love to see a sequel that held your hand a little less, allowing you to go off on wild spurious tangents before ultimately arresting the wrong suspect, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Aside from LA Noire, I’d like to draw your attention to Save the Datean adventure recently highlighted by the fine folks over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It’s a Ground Hog Day’esque adventure with just one objective – keep your date alive. I’ve yet to reach its conclusion, but trying to complete a date with perhaps the world’s unluckiest woman is proving both maddeningly frustrating and hilariously enjoyable.


Don't mess with Billy the Kid.
Don’t mess with Billy the Kid.

I’ve started playing the new Call of Juarez this week which is proving to be quite a brilliant little adventure in Wild West. But it has made me wonder why I never really got into the first two games in the series. I played bits of both, but I was never really drawn in with the action or the storytelling quite like I have been with Gunslinger. I’ll be looking to deliver my Verdict at some point this week, but one gripe lies in the boss battles. I’ve played worse, but they’re a bit infuriating at points.

On my tablet I’ve started to play Kings Bounty: Legions which is so far proving to be a wonderful game. It has hero management, quests and some really fun turn-based combat. Of course, as it is free-to-play there are some elements of in your face micro-transaction ads, but you can easily close them and get on with playing. This is definitely something I’ll be picking up and playing when I’ve got some slow moments.

Finally, in a few days we are going to see the release of Gunpoint by PC Gamer’s Tom Francis. I unfortunately didn’t meet Tom when I was at the mag a couple of years ago on work experience, but I am so pleased that he has been able to get the game this far. We’ll be looking to have a Verdict and an Our Thoughts on what is sure to be one of the indie games of the year.

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