Our Week in Games – Week 44

Our Week in Games – Week 44

As this post goes live, myself and Nick will probably be wandering the NEC in Birmingham at the Rezzed PC and indie game show. I’d hope that by now we would have seen loads of lovely indie games and maybe even squeezed in a talk as well. While we are busy up in Birmingham, what does everyone make of Microsoft’s decision to turn back on all of their DRM policies? Personally, I think it might be a case of short-term gain for long-term loss, though surely the tech they have won’t just disappear. I can see some of the disregarded features come back online within a year or two of launch. Anyway, on with Our Week in Games.



Who knows what I’ll have been playing entirely as these words go live to the world, I wouldn’t put it past a bit of Rome 2: Total War and Democracy 3 sneaking in there somewhere. At least, they are just two of the stands I hope to take in, along with a few other possible chats with any developers at the show. Before coming up to the Midlands for Rezzed, I had tried to start playing Pro Cycling Manager 2013, but sadly there has been some Steam issue with the game which has prevented me from playing. I don’t think 107MB download size is quite.

I have also been diving into Company of Heroes 2 thanks to a press version I started to play on Thursday. So far, I must say that it is truly something brilliant. How is it that a game like this can convey the true horrors of war so much better than any over the top crap we see in Battlefield or any Call of Duty titles that have come out since the first Modern Warfare? I do find it odd, but then this is looking like a pretty special game. More in my Verdict soon.

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