Our Week in Games – Week 45

Our Week in Games – Week 45

We are entering the sport season of the summer with the Lions Tour well under way down under, Wimbledon in full flow and of course, the Tour de France has just started. Who needs sport though when we have games like Kerbal Space Program where you can land Kerbal’s on a Mun. On with Our Week in Games then.



Since landing on the Mun somewhat successfully back in week 40’s Our Week In Games, my Kerbal Space Program itch has been relatively quiet. That is, until recently. Talk on the forums of a new patch being imminent has dragged me kicking and screaming back to the unique interplanetary kerbal-cremation simulator, and work on larger projects has begun.

The problem with space travel is primarily one of thrust. Given enough, you can reach any planet in the system, land on it, then be home in time for tea. However, thrust requires fuel, engines, and above all, mass. To produce sufficient thrust to reach the more distant planets, I’m going to need more fuel and bigger engines, but a ship with more fuel and bigger engines is heavy, so requires yet more engines, and more fuel to reach orbital velocities. It’s this simple problem that means my rocket designs are becoming monstrously well, monstrous; lumbering behemoths reluctantly dragging themselves off the surface of Kerbal and agonisingly slowly into orbit.

I think it’s going to be quite a while before I set foot on any of the more distant planets, but when I do, you’ll be the first to hear about it.


I’ve not actually had much time this week to play any games outside of the Rezzed show at the NEC last weekend at the Wales Game Development Show midweek here in Cardiff. I need to get back to playing Company of Heroes 2 though so I can deliver my verdict in the week ahead. Great game, just haven’t had the time for it this week.


It’s been a bit peculiar for me this week. I’ve just got off a very heavy 28 day training regime, so I’ve found myself drawn to the more casual spectrum of gaming (the antithesis of what I usually enjoy).

Super Hexagon on iOS..well wow this is addictive. Really the perfect game for a quick blast- especially in commercial breaks (for those rare times I’m not watching something on the tivo box).

I also rediscovered my love for Minecraft on the PC when, quite randomly, I decided I wanted an in-built cliff-face villa with a huge multi-floor spanning glass wall. I spawned right next to a dungeon, it was apparently the only place in the entire game with no coal. Spent the first few hours alternatively hiding in dark holes and digging large pits in a vain attempt to find coal. So far I have managed to find 2 blocks. Wahoo?

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