Our Week in Games – Week 48

Our Week in Games – Week 48

Space. It goes on and on, seemingly forever, much like Our Week In Games. This little snippet represents our 48th edition, and it’s a testament to the insane variety of games currently on offer that we’ve got this far without even slightly running out of things to talk about. What have I been up to? Well I’ve been back in space.

This week I passed a second milestone in my exploration of the Kerbal system, as I touched down with a manned mission on the second of Kerbal’s moons, Minmus.

Space, I’m in space. Spaaaaaaaace!

A smaller moon than Mun, the natural satellite took me by surprise with its low gravity.  Attempts to slow my descent frequently resulted in me drifting away from the lumpen rock, meaning it took me several approaches to actually land on the thing. However, despite the difficulties, finally I touched down on an open plain and planted the flag in the name of the Reticule.

Returning home was astonishingly uneventful. With such low gravity, leaving Minmus was a matter of pointing homewards and just hitting the gas. I eventually made it back to the Kerbal homeworld of Kerbin with fuel to spare, cracking open a can of beer to celebrate my accomplishment. (Who needs Steam achievements?)

However, this success means I now have to make a decision. With Minmus out of the way I’ve run out of nearby moons to explore, which means my next mission will inevitably be interplanetary. But where to? Duna, with its Mars-like features is certainly the closest target, but with my skills at rocketry, I’ll probably miss it completely.

Duna: elusive, mysterious, and erm, orange.

With the yawning gulf between worlds seeming as formidable an opponent as any simple boss battle, Kerbal Space Program looks set to keep my attention for a very long time to come.


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