Our Week In Games – Week 58

Our Week In Games – Week 58

It’s been an interesting week, all things considered – Steam has gone from happily sitting upstairs on your desktop PC to charging into the living room and demanding your full attention. Short on space, I’ve been running the whole ‘PC under the TV’ thing for almost a month, so Valve announcing their amazing new Steam Machines was a bit of an anti-climax for me. I am still however curious about their rather odd-looking controller, which seems to finally be looking towards making controller-based gaming a little more palatable for PC users.

But what have we been playing this past seven days? Let’s take a look.


This week I was unlucky enough to suffer a rather unfortunate downgrade in the graphical fidelity of my gaming after my son managed to drop my only pair of glasses down a drain. Despite this, I’ve still been able to put a little time into¬†Rome II. Following my disastrous defeat at the hands of the Egyptians back at Rezzed in my first ever go at Rome II, I finally managed to take my revenge, achieving victory at the battle of the Nile. Despite losing my naval forces to an aggressive Egyptian armada, my ground forces marched stoically up-hill against the entrenched Egyptians, who through either over-confidence or fool-hardiness refused to budge an inch from their defensive position.

That was to be their undoing. A cavalry charge scattered the engineers responsible for firing the massive siege weapons, which gave my soldiers the time they needed to scale the enormous slope and get stuck in. Despite being outnumbered, my disciplined legions proved they were certainly not outclassed as they slowly, methodically, ground the Egyptian forces down. Then, as the Egyptian forces began to waver, a hailstorm of arrows from my Cretian mercenaries finally provoked a full rout.



I’m writing this on Saturday evening in a tiny hotel room thanks to my phones wireless hotspot facility. You’ve got to love technology haven’t you, this would never have happened ten years ago. I’ve got a McDonald’s bag in the bin and ever decreasing finances. I’ve opted not to attend some of the evenings out I know are going on so I can keep my head above water when I return home Monday morning. Of course, Sunday is a day mixed with the Expo and a spot of grappling in Islington as I avoid getting a wrestler dumped in my lap at Progress Wrestling.

I have of course been delivering my daily show reports covering the main bits of what I have played, but that isn’t all that has gone on this week. Before setting forth for London I had dabbled in some more Rome II to see how things were faring after the patches, and they have certainly made some improvements and refinements to the user interface. I’ve also sent my armies further south into parts of Germany and north into Danish lands. My long-term goal will be to come back around and envelop France within the power of my Iceni. It will be a long journey requiring several alliances and treaties to be broken, but ultimately I think it is achievable.

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