Our Week in Games – Week 58

Our Week in Games – Week 58

We are less than a week away from the Eurogamer Expo at Earl’s Court in London, and I will be making the trip down there with the aim of getting some time with the PS4 and Xbox One…though I will probably give up on the queues and just play some indie games. It should be fun at least! Let’s take a look at what has gone down in the past week in Our Week in Games.


So Grand Theft Auto arrived…but I have barely scratched the surface of it, it is definitely something I will talk about at greater length another time. What stopped me playing more of the mega-hit is Europa Universalis IV which I’ve been playing with Craig Lager once again. I’m finally starting to understand the game having kept Morocco out of any wars for quite a while. This has let me build up my technology levels so I can at long last look to improve my nation rather than ruin it with foolish wars. Craig meanwhile has been busy colonising other areas of Africa as he grows the Portuguese empire.

I’ve also been playing Toast Time on my phone and tablet. This is a game I saw at the Wales Games Development Show back in the summer and have been eagerly waiting to launch. It is proving to be just as fun as I thought it would be, I am planing to really get into it on my coach to London for the Expo. It should keep me busy!




Mud, mud, glorious mud. There is apparently nothing quite like it for cooling the blood, but nevertheless I would still encourage moderation in your exposure. Neglecting this simple rule led me to the rather inconvenient predicament of finding my UAZ buried up to the windows in a deep puddle of the brown stuff, as this week I’ve been playing the tech demo for¬†Spintires.

Whilst it’s still a work in progress and currently offering only a small map to show off its remarkable technology, the constantly changing nature of the terrain under your wheels consistently alters your experiences. One moment you can be casually driving down a dirt track, but a moment of clumsy steering later will see your axles buried in inches, or even feet of thick, sticky and deep, brown mud.

It’s remarkable technology, despite having no objectives, win conditions or penalties for failure, the Spintires tech demo is surprisingly addicting. Just one more hill, just one more ditch, you’ll tell yourself. I won’t get stuck this time – this time I have a plan.



If you’ve got a few minutes spare, the surprisingly small download is available for free from the spintires website. Like what you find? Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, a full game is due for release some time next year.

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