Our Week in Games – Week 70

Our Week in Games – Week 70

What’s happened this week in the gaming world? Oh yes, the beta for Titanfall has started, the conjecture on Twitter is that people have been going slightly mad trying to get access. Apparently some people have been buying codes on eBay for ludicrous prices. Valve took the brave step in allowing people to add tags to games which might have resulted in the expected nonsense. Meanwhile Kevin Spacey returned with House of Cards on Netflix which makes me wonder why can’t we get more games with episodic story-telling to equal The Walking Dead episodes?

Enough of that, on with the games.



I played some more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this past week, and it brought back fond memories of my early days with Counter-Strike: Source on the UK Bootcamp servers. Running around with [Team Stabby] clan tags for the fun of it and generally having a laugh most weeknights with a nice group of regulars. Those were fun days, if anyone from those servers reads this, please say hi! Those were the days before Battlefield 2 came along and changed the entire world, well my gaming world at least. It is refreshing to play a game which still has the same basic ethos of a mod harking back from the 90s. Though that does make me wonder how many people playing Global Offensive today ever played 1.6. I was gently amused when someone questioned how I had a Five Year Service medal and had only clocked up five and half hours with the game in total. Dipping in and out of games is quite fun, no need to get stuck playing the same one for ever and eternity. Variety is the spice of life and all of that.

Away from my PC, I was also finishing of Far Cry 3 on my 360. I mentioned last week that I was nearing the end of the story, and I was right on the cusp of the last sequence of missions. I didn’t particularly enjoy the way the tribal story-line came back into things at the very end, then again I never was particularly keen on that part of the game. At the end of the day though, I am glad I finished it off, though I don’t think I will be going back to finish everything on the map off anytime soon. My next old(ish) game I want to complete is Halo 4.


A decent portion of my week’s been spent playing Dark Souls– especially after I had the hands-on with the sequel. For my money Dark Souls 2 may end up being the better game, but I’m having renewed fun with the first.

Otherwise it’s all about Day-Z again. Not that I tend to fixate on individual games or anything (coughXCOMcough).

Recent highlights include the descovery of a military base that doesn’t seem to be on any of the maps. I’ve also had someone shoot at me from point blank range (after i’d opened a door) and miss. And who can forget the oh-so-much running away-from that horde of 11 zombies. Yes eleven.

Oh, and chess. I’ve been playing a LOT of chess recently. We need another battlechess already….

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