Our Week in Games – Week 75

Our Week in Games – Week 75

This past week has seen GDC come and go with heaps of information that I have probably missed entirely. Well there was that Ubisoft media field day which revealed the new Assassin’s Creed title. The French Revolution could be quite tasty, lets hope that Ubisoft haven’t been resting on their laurels after Black Flag. Elsewhere, there is word that Nintendo have 50 titles coming to the Wii U thanks to the Unity engine. In a more moder-gen focus, Sony revealed their VR effort of which Eurogamer has a nice tech analysis.

Once you’ve had your fill of GDC, hit the break for Our Week in Games.


A fast paced multiplayer shooter and a turn-based German RPG have featured in my past week. More of them this week, I promise it. Or at least I hope I will have the time to write about Titanfall and Blackguards at some length. For now, I will leave you with a new trailer for Wolfenstein.

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