Our Week in Games – Week 84

Our Week in Games – Week 84

This past week has seen the release of two massive games, one is cross-platform and cross-generation while the other is a first party exclusive. I am of course talking about Watch_Dogs and Mario Kart 8, detailed words on both will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. I do want to say that the Twitter reaction I’ve read so far has been decidedly more positive towards Nintendo’s racer than the Ubisoft open world hackathon. I’m certainly interested in reading more of what the team have to say aboutWatch_Dogs later this week in our group thoughts.

With that, I wish you an enjoyable week ahead and hope you enjoy our latest Week in Games.


Wolfenstein Logo

My week has largely been spent with Wolfenstein which has proved to be a really enjoyable blast. I can sometimes bounce off straight up shooters quite quickly, but Wolf and the adventures of our retro-hero well and truly captured my attention. I’m hoping to deliver my Verdict this week.

I appreciate that I haven’t written anything further on Dark Souls but words are dependent on me getting enough time away from Watch_Dogs and Mario. It is at moments like this that I realise how large and utterly shameful my gaming backlog has become. I barely touched Titanfall and despite actually buying Thief (via trade in) I haven’t even booted it up once. Shame on me.

In Football Manager news I got TNS through to the quarter finals of the Champions League which means that come the season after next, I (assuming I win the Welsh title) will enter at the group stage. Meanwhile, in the second ahead I’m looking forward to seeing how my fellow Welsh clubs get in their European journeys.



Move along...nothing to see here folks...
Move along…nothing to see here folks…

This week has been another one of saving the injured, the precariously positioned and the generally on fire. After a brief dip into Everyday Heroes a short time ago, I decided to take a further look at the genre via the Emergency series. Unexpectedly, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Surprised, but busy. Playing much like a reskinned C&C clone, Emergency gives you the challenging role of commanding police, fire and medical services in what has to be the most accident-prone city I’ve ever seen. It’s not unusual to have your fire crews out fighting two fires at opposite ends of the city when a heart-attack epidemic breaks out in the residential sector.

I don’t know, maybe there really are that many emergencies at any one time. If so, I’ve a new found respect for the emergency services, who apparently don’t even have time for lunchtime doughnuts between warehouse fires and unexplained explosions.

It’s a wonder cities last a day, let alone for hundreds of years.




I still can’t beat FTL advanced edition.

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