Our Week in Games – Week 85

Our Week in Games – Week 85

The most important thing to take place in the gaming world this past week was a very important Editor’s blog from Tom Bramwell over on Eurogamer. You can read it here, and I recommend everyone does as Tom talks about the sexism that is prevalent in the games industry. Read it, think about it and let us know what you think.


Short one from me this weekend as I write this on my tablet in bed on Saturday evening before the Nigeria v Bosnia and Herzegovina match. I’ve played a fair bit this week, mainly on the PC with titles like Spintires and Concursion, words on both will be on the site soon. I’ve also been playing more of Spec-Ops: The Line and have found myself wondering why I haven’t played it before, it really is an exceptional title in many ways.

For some rain I’ve also dabbled on the Xbox with some Forza Horizon and Grand Theft Auto V. While the former is getting a sequel, it will only be on the Xbox One, a fact that saddens me greatly, it would be great to see it on the PC. GTA meanwhile will be coming to the PC soon and I am already really excited to see it fulfill its potential visually.



"You fight like a dairy farmer!" "How appropriate, you...OW OW OW OW!"
“You fight like a dairy farmer!”

Yarr, it be a while since I’ve sailed upon the seas of Our Week In Games, due to enforced exile upon on the shores o’ Wales without internet. But I be back, and this week I’ve been ploughing the oceans in Sid Meier’s Pirates.

It be an easy game, at times as difficult as chasing down a sloop with no sails, but ne’ertheless it has a special place in my blackened heart. Driven by revenge and I admit just a little love for gold, I’ve been circling the Caribbean taking bites out of the Spanish treasure fleets like a shark with the taste of blood in his mouth. I’ve found treasure, vast amounts of treasure, crossed swords with rogues without honour and shared the odd smile with beautiful women, but will it keep my interest in the long run, or end up keelhauled in favour of shinier booty? I know not, but look forward to finding out.


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