Our Week in Games – Week 90

Our Week in Games – Week 90

The past week has seen a resurgence in Twitter activity about a massive sporting event. No, not the Commonwealth Games (they’re hardly a large event, let alone massive), it was fourth edition of The International, Valve’s e-sports competition for Dota 2, a game we have had surprisingly little coverage of here at Reticule Towers. The tournament happened, people won BIG money and it was even covered live on ESPN in America. Crazy eh? If you want a brief rundown of the event, PC Gamer have you covered.


There's been more Call of Trucks this past week.
There’s been more Call of Trucks this past week.

My list of things to talk about this week was as follows:

Mention Divinity: Original Sin and Sniper Elite 3, talk about PlayStation 4 and CoD Ghosts and Metal Gear Solid.

Here we go then: Divinity is awesome, and I really, really need to write my Verdict for it. In short, this is a grand old RPG, one of the best I have played. Go buy it now and revel in the wonders. The Verdict will definitely be a Headshot, it might even sneak into Red Mist territory. As I have spoiled my Verdict, do I still to write it? Hmm….

Sniper Elite has really surprised me, I am just starting the third mission and have been bowled over by just how much better than the second game it is. The wide open landscapes of Northern Africa make for a perfect setting. I’ll have to delve in further before trying to write in depth on it, but it is shaping up to be a surprise hit of the summer.

But Divinity (excuse the Alpha screeny) takes the biscuit.
But Divinity (excuse the Alpha screeny) takes the biscuit.

I’m really starting to like my PlayStation 4, even if the catalogue of games is still fairly limited, and the Store prices extortionate. The only trouble is that I spend so much time on my PC while my girlfriend watches TV that I haven’t played enough of it. Needless to say though, Ghosts is still proving to be enjoyable…in short bursts at least. Going through more than one mission in a playthrough can get tiring, the series really has lost its way since the glory days of Call of Duty 1 and 2 along with the first Modern Warfare. For some reason though, I am starting to get quite keen on Advanced Warfare later this year…

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes meanwhile was a must buy, though sadly GAME was out of stock when I was busy trading in my PlayStation 3. This is an immensely good looking game and Jack Bauer(!) do the voice over. Wait…I mean Keifer Surtherland don’t I? Regardless, while it might simply be a glorified demo, it is my first experience with Snake and it is already damn good fun. More of this please!



With my wedding looming ever closer on the horizon, gaming is gradually becoming an after thought as other things have taken priority. On occasion though, I find the time to relax, play some games and even write if I’m lucky enough. This week has been unusually quiet on the wedding front meaning I’ve had plenty of time to share my thoughts on the recent release of Magic 2015.

I’ve also been playing the new Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas, which is being released in five parts or ‘wings’ as they were in the original World of Warcraft raid. The first wing is free for a limited time with a new wing released each week after that, culminating in the final fights with Sapphiron the frost Wyrm and Kel’Thuzad himself.

As good as the new cards and new challenges are, what I love most about this expansion is that you technically don’t even need to pay for it. The wings can be unlocked for 700 gold of the in game currency which can be steadily earned by completing daily quests and doing well in arena runs. In fact Hearthstone has quite probably the best free-to-play structure I have ever laid my eyes on. I don’t feel like I’m being forced to spend money to access content, I don’t feel like I’m suffering (too much) by not having every single card in the game, and because of this I feel free to buy a card pack or an arena entry every now and then because I keep coming back for more.

This is what free-to-play should look like all the time!


So. Many. Nazi’s.

I’ve had a little hiatus recently where my schedule had cleared and my boy was… well behaving- giving me time to plunge into a title I’ve been saving as a treat; Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Now our esteemed leader has already given you his thoughts on the title, but i’m going to give you a few more anyway…. it’s blummin’ brilliant.

I remember lamenting the lack of a decent ‘old school’ shooter a few months ago and by Jove, this has scratched that itch. It’s mad, ludicrous and play’s it all with a straight face. What’s incredibly, is that it even get’s away with it. This is a game with robot attack dogs and pantomime Nazi’s, and yet it comes across as a ‘serious’ title. It’s an absolute tour de force. 

The gun-play is, of course, sublime and each fight is interesting and rewarding. Dual wielding weapons has never felt so good. There’s destructible scenery, a descent stealth system and  did I mention the giant robot dogs?

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  1. Just started playing Ground Zeros after a Metal Gear marathon that took me through all the games since MGS1 on PS1 over two years!

    Ground Zeros is brilliant! Although the sneaking feels a lot different, there is still everything you would expect from a MGS game and even a Kojima cameo!

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