Our Week in Games – Week 91

Our Week in Games – Week 91

This week saw details of two new services emerge as Sony launched a beta for PlayStation Now and EA revealed details of their new subscription service. In the midst of this, Sony confirmed that they wouldn’t support EA’s service as they didn’t think it offered value for money….yet their early pricing structure for Now is awful. It will be very interesting to see how things take shape going forward as platform holders and publishers move into a games as a service model. We are interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.



I’ve been busy playing Divinity: Original Sin on the PC this week, even though I have long played enough to make up my mind on how good it is. It is great by the way and just goes to show how rich the PC gaming landscape is. I keep finding new little areas to explore and tales to find out about. I had enjoyed Divinity II: Ego Draconis a few years ago, so it has been a pleasure to see Larian do the series justice with Original Sin

Elsewhere my time has been spent with my PlayStation 4, and I’ve probably spent nearly as much time playing this machine in a few short weeks as I did playing games on my PlayStation 3. While there are some slight concerns surrounding the increasingly closed nature of the system, something Steve highlighted on Twitter over the weekend. He also shared 140 characters on the EA Access service not coming to PlayStation. Despite some of these minor issues, I am really starting to enjoy the games I have picked up for the machine so far.

I have finished off the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign, a fairly enjoyable blast which ultimately felt like a Michael Bay movie. It is just a shame that many elements have been done better in earlier Call of Duty titles, or even in the Battlfield series. I am thinking of the numerous moments where you remotely controlled a gunship or a remote sniper-rifle while the tank battle towards the end of the game doesn’t even come close to matching the tank drive from Battlefield 3. I won’t be diving into the multiplayer, so soon enough Ghosts will be traded in and replaced by The Last of Us which I am really keen to play.

In more stealthy fashion I’ve been digging around with Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes which, while only a prequel to The Phantom Pain, is a glorious example of what the next-gen (or current-gen as they are now) machines can deliver. It looks absolutely stunning, and I’m sure my PC would be struggling to replicate some of the visuals. I’ve made my way through the main mission once…though it was quite a scrappy affair which had an early mission shootout before some nerve racking sneaking to complete the prisoner extraction. Now I’ve done that, and watched a million post-credit sequences, I’ve got a bunch of other missions to complete. Some people might have been put off by the idea of the game being over in an hour and a half, but there looks set to be a lot more to do. As you can pick it up for around £20, it really should be a must-play.

Finally, I have started Infamous: Second Son. I dipped my toes into an earlier Infamous title when it was available on PlayStation Plus, but I am effectively coming into this blind. Early stages so far and I am finding the lead character a bit of a dick, but he isn’t as bad as the chap from Watch_Dogs. Hopefully I will stick with it though, it seems fairly fun so far.

4 thoughts on “Our Week in Games – Week 91

  1. I’ve been loving a bit of Ground Zeroes recently. Best £12 ive spent in a long time. It’s been 8 hours so far and I’ve gone from a rusty pray and spray killer to a honed tranq ghost. Could see myself playing this again and a again for quite a while.

  2. £12?! Bargain! I picked mine up for £18 on amazon. Really looking forward to getting stuck into the other missions now. Surprised how much I have enjoyed it considering I never played any other Metal Gear games.

    What score did you get on your first blast through the main mission?

    1. First time through the main mission I think it was about 27k but it was a very rusty run. Latest play I hit 61340 which was a no kill, no alert S-rank. Only way I can improve now is speed. The other missions are pretty good too, you should get stuck into them!

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