Our Week In Games – Week 98

Our Week In Games – Week 98

While most of us have been living our normal gaming lives, Chris has been of to London to visit the Eurogamer Expo and from the sounds of it 2014 has been another brilliant event. Make sure to read his words here, here and here if you want the low down of what’s been happening this weekend.



XCOM: Enemy Unknown is where most of my gaming time has been spent this week. Although very late to the chase, this game has really drawn me in. The tactics of correctly managing a team that not only fight aliens in the battlefield, but research, develop and build alien technology back at HQ are not easy to grasp. This is a good thing of course, tactical games aren’t supposed to be straight forward and obvious. There’s a little bit of trial and error at HQ and a lot of friendly death in the battlefield. Don’t worry though, new recruits only cost $10!

In other news I’ve been trying and failing to get my Hearthstone gaming back on track. This is mainly due to my very old, and very frustrating laptop, which could quite honestly stop working at any mome…

… just kidding! With the help of a friend I should be building a new PC within the next month, and have been looking out new pieces to order already. When I say help, I really mean he will be taking charge and I’m going to watch in bewilderment. PC building and being a proper ‘PC gamer’ is something that’s new to me just now, but I’m very eager to get things under way.

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  1. Hey Kevin, I’m interested to hear how your PC-building exploits will go. I’m in the same boat at the moment as my PC overheats too easily playing most games, and I’m considering putting together a new one November/December time.

    1. Hey Haydn, If my laptop holds out while I’m building I might just do a couple of articles on the build. Keep your eyes peeled or follow my twitter, no doubt I’ll be tweeting out all my problems and asking advice!

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