Our Year Ahead in Games – 2015 Part One

Our Year Ahead in Games – 2015 Part One

Christmas has been and gone and we are now in the early weeks of 2015 and we here at Reticule Towers are ready to bring you some thoughts on what we are looking forward to in the year ahead.


There are a number of games that are coming out in the year ahead that I am looking forward to, but I will talk about them next week. Today I want to mentor a couple of games that came out last year that I am keen to dig in to and explore further.

As I haven't uploaded any of my own Far Cry screenies yet, enjoy this Ubisoft sanctioned bear.
As I haven’t uploaded any of my own Far Cry screenies yet, enjoy this Ubisoft sanctioned bear.

First up is Far Cry 4, I’ve already done a couple of videos about Ubisoft’s Himalayan wonder on our YouTube channel, but I’ve really only scratched the surface on what is a massive game. In the campaign missions, I’ve reached the first part where chose which rebel leader you support, something which comes really early on in the game. Most of my time with it so far has been spent exploring the world, hunting animals and finding hidden temples and things to do. I just need to spend more time with it.

Similarly, you have to make do with this raven from Dragon Age.
Similarly, you have to make do with this raven from Dragon Age.

Second I want to mention Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare’s conclusion to their non-space based trilogy. I must confess to having never spent much time with the proceeding two games, I bounced straight off Origins and never had the time to try the first one. Inquisition though has caught my attention, I am actually enjoying the combat in a BioWare game(!) and the chance to adventure with my merry band of followers around a wonderfully crafted world is really very fun. I’m scratching the surface of this game, but I hope to delve in deeper in the months ahead.

A sea hawk tackles a bucking bronco.
A sea hawk tackles a bucking bronco.

Quick notes before I go, The Crew is looking better than I had expected and I need to find some more time for it, but I do want to see how it stacks up against DriveClub, different beasts that they are. Madden NFL 15 which I got for Christmas is proving a time sink, but I am getting along with it much better than I did when playing an earlier version of the series on the PlayStation 3. Finally I will be hoping to figure out how to successfully play Super Smash Bros. which is another lovely and charming game for the Wii U, just with a bit more fighting than normal.


It’s a funny thing, but in this rather bizarre age of early access games and Kickstarter, it’s getting a little bit confusing to remember what I’m looking forward to playing, and what I’m looking forward to going back and playing again. Games like Project Zomboid and Kerbal Space Program are both titles that are still technically not fully released, but are nevertheless titles I’ve been picking up and putting down with regularity for over a year.

Sheltered - Basically The Sims Meets Fallout
Sheltered – Basically The Sims Meets Fallout

Unicube’s Sheltered is one I’m definitely keeping an eye on. Originally cropping up on my radar after it hit Kickstarter, this post-apocalyptic simulation of family life underground was picked up by Worms publisher Team 17. I can’t wait to manage a little family as they try to survive against all odds in a small underground shelter.

On the sci-fi front, both Perihelion Interactive’s The Mandate and Human Orbit look extremely interesting in their own special ways, with The Mandate aiming for the Star Trek experience I’ve always wanted, and Human Orbit basically giving me a chance to play the part of an AI screwing around with people’s lives. I don’t know if either will make 2015, but I’ll nevertheless be watching with interest.

Just a quick glance over my Twitter feed shows dozens of fascinating games on the horizon – The Journey Down Part III, Lakeview Cabin, BEDLAM, Monstrum, and quite frankly, I have neither the time nor the patience to list them all. To put it bluntly, I think we’re in for another awesome year.

Oh, word on the street is there might be another Call Of Duty game out this year. Not my cup of tea, but I thought you folks might be interested.

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