Our Year Ahead in Games – 2015 Part Two

Our Year Ahead in Games – 2015 Part Two

Welcome to the second (and final) part of Our Year Ahead in Games – 2015 where we take a look at what we are looking forward to from 2015. Hit the break to find out what we are waiting for.


First of all I just want to say that in the past week I have been spending plenty of time with Dragon Age: Inquisition which is proving to be something of a time-sink. I’ve been playing for approaching 12-hours now and haven’t even moved past the Hinterlands which is the first proper open world section of the game. In short, this game is a bit fun.

Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain bike

For the year ahead though, I have three games I’m slightly interested in. There are many (possibly) great games that will be releasing in the months ahead (Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid V spring to mind here) , along with numerous games that are likely to change entirely as they progress through Early Access (Day Z and The Escapists for two examples) or just get developed further (Diablo III and Hearthstone from Blizzard).


The Wii U slowly developed this past year into a machine full of mighty games, and I’m expecting better things to come for the console in the year ahead. There are fun innovative titles like Splatoon appearing, but a new Legend of Zelda will surely be a highlight. It might sound a similar proposition to many other recent games…open world adventuring and all that. But it is Zelda, and in my book, that counts for something.

Dying Light

Dying Light is another open world game (another I hear you cry) but this is one with zombies. To be honest some of you might want to substitute Dead Island 2 for Dying Light, but having played Techland’s zombie slasher at EGX last year, I developed an interest in what is an overdone gaming staple of relying on zombies. However, I did bloody well enjoy my short time with the game last year, so I will be keeping my eye on this when it releases at the end of January.


Last of all, we have Bloodborne which is perhaps the game I am most looking forward to this year. I’ve never entirely got to grips with the Souls’ games, but that is more down to their setting than anything. There is something cleaner about the art style of Bloodborne that instantly appeals to me more than the Souls’ titles. It might ultimately prove to be just as punishing as its brother games, but I don’t care too much. I’m a sucker for the gothic Victorian-esque setting that we will see in Bloodborne and after playing it at EGX, I’m confident it will be slightly good.



This promises to be an exciting year for gamers. On the tech side, we have the apparent release of the Occulus Rift: Consumer kit (I say apparent, as the end of Q1 date was mooted nearly 6 months ago and I’ve not heard much since) which if anything, will only deepen my love affair with Elite:Dangrous.

While we’re on the subject of Elite:Dangerous….. This game is pulling an ‘XCOM’ on me… It’s difficult to describe- it just feels right. A number of pretty major updates are due this year, including…. Landing on planets…. How that’ll fit into the game as it stands, i’m unclear, but still… Squeeeeeeee.

We also have the new Arkham title which, ludicrous bat-tank aside, looks pretty good. Then the very imminent PC release of GTA:V, which I’m insanely excited about.

There are of course many more titles coming this year, but I have the feeling that while it may be ¬†a great year for gaming, it may not be a brilliant year for MY gaming (I have a baby due in a few weeks)… As such I’ll be picking my titles with the care of a connesuer, and of course, relying on my colleagues here at The Reticlue to point out the ‘Gems’s for me.


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