Overlord 2 – Demo Impressions

Overlord 2 – Demo Impressions

A cute seal

Overlord 2 is just a handful of weeks away from release and I have been knee deep in minions with the demo. First impression was ‘ah, this is a nicer looking Overlord 1’. For futher impressions (and minions) hit the jump.

From the brief demo that was my overriding feeling, now there is nothing wrong with that, not one bit, the core gameplay in Overlord is great. Guide your minions around to beat up fluffy critters and the comically holier-than-thou characters, the ones featured in the demo seem like a group of Scandinavian hippies. Nowt wrong with that one bit!

Attack the troll!

Honestly beating up seals has never been as fun as it is promises to be in Overlord 2, thats not to say I have experience in beating up seals…Anyway the game looks good from the brief demo, it does look very nice really, I’d forgotten how much detail was put into the animation of your minions in these games. It is a joy to watch them pick up the armour of fallen foes, though it can be a bit tricky guiding them to do that with the mouse and keyboard. Perhaps it will be a bit simpler with a controller, it does have built in support for a 360 pad, always a positive sign.

Lets get down to the crux of the matter right here, my main problem with the original game was that it didn’t allow you to be evil enough. You were playing this big Overlord chap who rules his domain with the help of his minions, but your actions throughout the game always felt a bit limited. It was a joy to demolish the peasants homes, but the missions were never devilish enough for me. If the new game makes better use of the evil side of things then I will be a very happy man.

The Overlord

Ultimately the demo is too short to learn a lot about what the full game will be like, there will be minions yes and destruction, at the end of the day I want to see more from a demo than this to gain a better feeling for the game. It is a wait and see then for Overlord 2.

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