Paradox Go Expansion Crazy

Paradox Go Expansion Crazy

Everyone loves a good old expansion pack, don’t they? Especially Paradox Intereactive, who, at this weekend’s PDXCON have announced a slew of expansions, including a dive into the world of boardgames. We’ll get to that in a bit, for now, we’ll start with Stellaris.

Distant Stars is the latest story-expansion for Stellaris, the space based grand strategy title from Paradox. It’s launching this Tuesday, 22nd May for $9.99. New systems, anomalies, creatures and mysterious constellation await. I haven’t dived into Stellaris at all, instead focusing my Paradox attention on Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis IV over recent years. Have you played it, are you excited for Distant Stars?

Slated loosely for 2018, Holy Fury will be the fifteenth expansion for what is now a six-year old game, but one that is hitting around 10,000 users on this Sunday afternoon. Holy Fury pits Northern European Catholicism against the Pagan nations of the world along with adding a heap of new features to support the new religious focus. To grab all the details of what Holy War brings to the game, check out all the information here.

The Dharma expansion for Europa Universalis IV will put a focus Asia and will come alongside a big free update to the base game. The free update will see a major reworking of the map of India, Tibet and Burma along with changes to how policies work within the game. Elsewhere, Dharma will bring big changes to missions for those managing India while the Mughal Empire will have more choices for assimilating conquered cultures. There is even more going on with different government systems and trade. Grab more details here.

The Man the Guns expansion for Hearts of Iron IV puts the focus onto naval warfare. Through a new modular design system, you will have greater choice over the armour and weapons that are fitted to your ships. Do you have a sub from the pre-war period that you want to refit and bring up to date? Go ahead and conquer the seas. There will also be new options for democratic nations, along with new national focuses for the United States, and hopefully some other democratic nations across the world. Details are limited, so keep an eye on the Hearts of Iron forums for regular developer diaries with more information.

Finally, Paradox have announced that they will be teaming up with a range of experienced boardgame makers to bring Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and Cities: Skylines to your tabletops. The first cross-over will be Crusder Kings with Free League Publishing handling the creation of the game. You can find out more about the Crusader Kings boardgame, and back it, over on Kickstarter.


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