Pathologic Closing on First Stretch Goal

Pathologic Closing on First Stretch Goal

The Russian remake of plague-ridden survivalist-horror-adventure game Pathologic has had a successful Kickstarter so far having reached the $250,000 funding target and is closing in on the first stretch goal, but sadly it doesn’t look likely to reach the final stretch target with only three days to go.

With three days left to run, Ice-Pick Lodge are only $15,000 away from hitting their first stretch target at $300,000 which would see the team extend the town that lies at the heart of the game with more plot-dependent quests and events a possibility. This though is only a tease as greater rewards for fans await if Ice-Pick Lodge can raise the funds.


At $450,000 the Termitary and Abattoir would be fully re-imagined beyond the current scope of the project. The team describe it as “a town inside The Town”. While it would be interesting to see the lives of the steppe butchers up close and personal, the ultimate goal at $500,000 is what I would love to see, but doubt will happen. Reach the half-million mark would see Ice-Pick Lodge work on developing a small prequel to Pathologic. They explain the premise thusly:

Pathologic is plot-heavy, and a lot of important stuff happens right before the start of the game. As a player, you’ll uncover the partial truth behind the events that have shaped the current state of The Town, but you’ll never be able to see the perfect and complete picture. You’ll never be able to see them at all—only speculate. Simply showing these events would be a spoiler, but we’re keen on making an additional day-long story with unique content. It won’t be Kickstarter-exclusive. Please keep in mind that it won’t feature the same playable characters. The whole point of the prequel is to show you the things that the main trio would never be able to see and learn. But you will.

With three days left, it probably won’t reach that target, but it would be amazing if it did. As it is, I am really happy that the game has been funded, and as one of the few Kickstarter projects I have funded, I am certainly keeping an eye on this.

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