Pathologic – Remake Detailed and Kickstarter Launched

Pathologic – Remake Detailed and Kickstarter Launched

Back in 2006, a little game from largely unknown Russian developers, Ice-Pick Lodge was released to largely middling reviews. It wasn’t until 2008 when Quinns wrote his amazing exploration of the game on Rock, Paper, Shotgun that I heard about the game. That game was, of course, Pathologic, a title which has long claimed something of a cult status amongst certain elements of the gaming world.

I tried it out a little bit back in 2008, but it never really clicked. Trying it out on a laptop certainly didn’t help, and there was a certain darkness to the game, allied with a weak English translation, that pushed me away from really connecting with it. Despite that, I still have something of a fascination for this strange entry in gaming folklore, so I welcome the news (via RPS) that Ice-Pick Lodge are working on a remake of the game.

You can find all of the details on the Kickstarter page which went live today. The team are looking for $250,000 by October 7th and they have already raised $67,058. I don’t doubt that they will manage to reach their target, this certainly looks to be a well envisioned project. I would fail to do the game justice if I tried to write any more about it. Instead I would recommend you read Quinns’ journey (though beware of spoilers) and watch the video below.

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