Last year Quinns took a shot at analyzing Pathologic on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Just over a year later Lewis Denby has retrospectively looked at the game on Eurogamer.

Why am I bringing up such a subject I hear you ask. The first reason is that I get the chance to link a something I blogged about on evo-gamer following Quinns’ RPS piece, I looked at whether games have to be fun to be good. You can read that piece here if you wish. It isn’t my best piece of work, but in light of my recent verdict on The Path it becomes an interesting topic.

So riddle me this dear reader, does a game have to be fun to be good? Pathologic doesn’t strike me as a ‘fun’ game, and The Path most certainly isn’t fun to play in the traditional way we think of the term.

Another reason for me posting this is the mystery surrounding the release date for Ice-Pick Lodge’s second game, Tension/The Void. It is listed on for a release later this month though there is no certain release date here in the UK or in the US. Hopefully Atari will get on the case and give us a release date sooner than later.

picture shamelessly stolen from RPS

2 thoughts on “Pathologic

  1. Diffferent medium, same question: does a film have to be fun to be good? Certainly not, I think. But games are centered around the notion of playing, which is and has always been connected to the notion of fun. Oh well… but some games have to be more than just fun to be good… I need more coffee.

  2. In my opinion no. But i think we haven’t fully figured out how to make a good game without making it fun.

    If someone goes and makes a game that can make me cry from sadness or desperation, because it was doing something terrible to characters I liked for example, I think that would make it a deep moving good game. One you don’t play for fun, but you play for the memorable experience, to learn something.

    I haven’t played pathologic, and I don’t fully think of the Path as a game, more of a experience told through the game medium. But if some of what they did was implmented into a traditional game and you stripped out a lot of the gamey fun I think you ould make a excellent game. If that doesn’t count as a game then at least it will be a great story told through interactive means.

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