PAYDAY / L4D Crossover Announced

PAYDAY / L4D Crossover Announced

PAYDAY: The Heist and the Left 4 Dead series have a lot in common. Both are 4-player co-operative multiplayer games where players fight their way through endless hordes of enemies (police and security guards in the former, zombies in the latter) to complete objectives in linear scenarios. Both have a variety of ‘special’ enemies which require particular tactics to defeat. They have similar guns and tools and mechanics of all kinds. They were developed by companies which were each acquired by another, though that is hardly uncommon in today’s game industry. Now they are soon going to have even more in common, as PAYDAY’s new parents OVERKILL Software (what is it with all-capital names?) have announced an “in depth collaboration” with Valve Software, blending the two games in some inscrutable way.

Game Director Ulf Andersson of OVERKILL Software warns that the announcement, or perhaps the final result, will have some players ‘checking into the hospital’. Perhaps this is an allusion to Mercy Hospital, the setting of Left 4 Dead’s first scenario in which four survivors of a zombie apocalypse climbed through the hospital to a helicopter rescue pick-up on the roof.

There is no concrete information at this point so speculation will be rife. Will it be a direct cross-over, the bank robbers of PAYDAY fighting alongside four Survivors through a zombie-infested bank and surrounding streets? Perhaps a medley of the themes and mechanics with a new set of four characters? Or something completely different. Whatever OVERKILL and Valve produce, given the two companies past behaviours, we can assume there will be customisable hats.

We will keep you informed as more is revealed.

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