PC Gaming Alliance Swells with Capcom and… Guildhall?

PC Gaming Alliance Swells with Capcom and… Guildhall?

There's really nothing more reassuring than businessmen shaking hands.

We haven’t really said much about the PC Gaming Alliance here, and that’s mainly because they haven’t really done that much yet, but it’s really rather nice to see so many companies burgeoning their ranks. However, it is a little surprising when we see Capcom, who have been so primarily a console developer for much of the past, joining them. Much less a small company that works out of the Southern Methodist University teaching game making, called The Guildhall.

It’s good though. Capcom have been proving time and again that they’re really gearing towards PC these days, with the reportedly excellent port of Devil May Cry 4 and the upcoming Street Fighter IV getting a PC release too. Their games may have a very console ‘feel’, but they’re still bloody good fun, and anything we can get on the platform that is bloody good fun is a great thing in my book. Really, given their recent track record, it’s not a hugely surprising development.

Guildhall, though, is the really interesting one, not because of the company itself, but what it does. Here we have a company that teaches game development, joining those trying to champion PC gaming. I take it as a very good sign, as I’d hope it’d help encourage a friendliness towards PC gaming from those just starting out in development right up to those at the top of the, forgive the pun, game. Either way, the more companies involved in the PC Gaming Alliance, the better, really.

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