Pencils at the Ready: Crayon Physics Demo

Pencils at the Ready: Crayon Physics Demo

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I’ve had my little say about it here, but if that didn’t convince you to shell out the measly $20 for the game, hopefully this newly released Demo will do the job. Crayon Physics really is a lovely game, and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to talk a little bit more about it, because I’ve revisited it a few times since I blitzed through it, and it’s still just as fun; each level really does have dozens of solutions, and they’re all just as fun as the first time you’ve done it. In fact, each time you play a level you think about how you could have done it differently. Even the less creative levels are taking on some level of brilliance; the simplicity allows for your solutions to be that much more grand and expansive. Once you’ve tried the demo, make sure to buy it here should you enjoy it sufficiently.

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