PlayStation Store Gets a Makeover

PlayStation Store Gets a Makeover

The much maligned PlayStation store has finally been updated bringing a much more TV, and hopefully, user friendly design to PlayStation’s digital service. Users can get their hands on the much sleeker, and some might suggest Xbox dashboard-looking, store through a 26 MB download that has been slowly rolled out across Europe today.¬† The update not only makes the store look much better but also organises content in a more logical way as well as giving more focus to the film and PS Vita stores. Another great new addition is the ability to use PayPal to add funds to your wallet, which may put the more security concious gamers at a little more ease.

Not every change has been welcomed though. Currently the store is running extremely slowly, some early users had trouble adding funds to their wallet and the search function still seems not to have been fixed. These are likely just teething problems though and hopefully they shall be fixed in the next few days, perhaps even in time for its American release on the 23rd. In the meantime, PlayStation have put together this video walkthrough of the store.

*Header image courtesy of PlayStationBlog Europe on Flickr

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