Pro Cycling Manager Returns This Summer

Pro Cycling Manager Returns This Summer

With the Giro d’Italia having just come to a finish this past weekend, the cycling world will soon turn its attention to the Tour de France…and the small matter of Pro Cycling Manager 2012 from Blood Bowl and Game of Thrones developers, Cyanide.

According to the press release “The variety of new features in Pro Cycling Manager 2012 will please both new players and hard-core fans of the famous series.” Famous is certainly a term many game series’ would like to be described as, but I honestly can’t imagine Pro Cycling Manager is that famous outside of a select handful of people. I have long been a fan of the series, and I truly believe that it could be quite good with the right love and attention, as I said when I reviewed last years edition I hope that the management side of things has been improved as there is a potential good game hiding away in this franchise.

The 2012 edition will feature a new Pro division, more teams to bring the total to 81 along with a Season Planner which will allow you to target your training for each season. There is also a new multiplayer mode where players compete in a consisten universe with a card system which will allow you to create your own dream team with modern day, and legendary cyclists. Remind anyone of FIFA Ultimate Team?

There is no set release date yet, but expect it towards the end of June in time for the Tour de France.

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