Production Line Enters Alpha

Production Line Enters Alpha

Cliff Harris of Positech Games (think Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles) fame has been busy working on his new game for quite a while in the background while working on the publishing behind Political Animals and Big Pharma. The new game is Production Lineand Cliff has just confirmed that pre-orders are open with Alpha access the treat at the end of the tunnel.

So what is Production Line? It’s your opportunity to become Henry Ford and create the perfect production line to develop and build your own car. In a nutshell, Cliff describes the goal of the game as such:

To ‘win’ in production line you need to be able to seek out and fix inefficiencies in a vast production line that snakes with carefully planned precision around a collosal car factory.

You will start off running a small, but growing, car company and will try to grow the business while perfecting your production processes and factory layout. Implement efficiencies that Henry Ford would have been jealous of, and you will be able to make cheaper cars, and ultimately release them to the mass market. If you have played Big Pharma or Factorio, then you should have a decent idea of what to expect with the game.

Or, you can watch one of Cliff’s develop diaries, showing off the basics of the game, and very much worth watching.

While detailing the current state of development, Cliff is very clear that the game is NOT FINISHED, and is very much in a genuine Alpha state. Placeholder music and sound effects are being used, and the game isn’t balanced yet. Cliff might even change some of the game design over time. In short, this is in Alpha.

The good thing is that anyone who pre-orders the game now will get all future builds and final builds of the game as they are made available. Pre-orders are only available via the Humble widget at the moment, but Cliff plans to release it on Steam at a later stage and will aim to provide all those who pre-order the title a Steam key.

With the game in Alpha, any feedback is greatly appreciated by Cliff, since releasing the Alpha a few weeks ago, he has already released four updates. Cliff’s blog is always interesting, and I recommend reading his latest entry to find out more about where he is with development of the game, and what is in the latest update.

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