Production Line Nears Steam Early Access

Production Line Nears Steam Early Access

Production Line, the upcoming car-factory tycoon game from Positech Games is progressing nicely through development and will be appearing on Steam Early Access on the 18th May.

I first talked about Production Line back in February when Cliff Harris, the brains behind Positech, first opened the game to early backers who were able to get into the early Alpha builds. Cliff has currently seen over 9,000 clever, and potentially attractive, people pre-order the game directly. He is still taking pre-orders this way with the price at $13, with the price destined to rise to $15.99 as Production Line enters Early Access.

Cliff has been busy with developer blogs during the development of Production Line, with his 25th video diary releasing at the end of April. It is worth keeping in mind that the game is still early in development, Cliff expecting it to be in Early Access for at least six months, perhaps longer depending on community feedback. He has already confirmed that some big features, such as marketing and repairs/defects are planned to appear during the Early Access period. In an interesting development, Cliff is also allowing players to vote on development priorities from the main menu screen, a nice and easy way for players to engage with the development process.

The Early Access page can be found here, if you don’t want to wait until the 18th May to get involved, you can always head over to the official site.

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