Psychadelic Music in Contract Work Trailer

Psychadelic Music in Contract Work Trailer

There is some seriously funky music going in the below trailer for Contract Work which I have just been linked to. It is…well a bit off the wall? It does seem to suit the frenetic shooting action that seems to lie at the heart of Contract Work.

I’ve just had a quick blast through a few levels and I like what I’ve seen so far as far as a shoot-em-up with minor hacking abilities goes and even if there isn’t much depth there is to it, it might be worth the pre-release access cost of $2.99. You can apparently tailor how the game plays to suit your style with full-bore shooting and more stealthy approaches encouraged. I get the feeling that the customisation lies further into the game when you’ve earned enough money from your contracts to really customise your weapons and special abilities and improve your rating in the business of Contract Work.

I will say that I like the idea of customising the contract you take on, you can make it easier in return for taking home less money, or increase the challenge to try and really improve your financial rewards. First impressions are that it is a pretty fun browser based (running on HTML5, no plugins required) game that you can easily lose your time to as you run around to the pumped up music shooting down what looked like robot dogs. As I finished writing that sentence I went back and tried to blast through a few more missions. Think I’ll check this out in a bit more detail soon.

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