Rack N Ruin – Trailered

Rack N Ruin – Trailered

I hate busy weeks, it means that I miss things like this new trailer for Rack N Ruin. It is a game from LifeSpark Entertainment, a studio set up by former Blizzard artist Tyler Hunter. Hit the break for some details.

I was fortunate enough to have a short hands-on session with the game at the Rezzed show, it was only brief so I won’t go into too much detail right now, hopefully that will come with a more detailed preview.

When I started playing, the first thing I noticed was a definite feel of the original Warcraft games, you can tell that Tyler comes from Blizzard. It gave me a good initial impression. In the game you take charge of a little chap known as Rack who has some magical abilities. I only got to try out a small handful of these, but they felt well crafted to work both offensively and within the various puzzles that you will come across in the game.

Me and puzzles, they don't always go.
Me and puzzles, they don’t always go.

There is an open world environment to explore, but during my short hands-on I didn’t spend too much time in the overworld as I headed straight for a dungeon.

My complete inability to process logic puzzles became apparent here and I readily called on Nick to guide me through the process of setting blocks onto various switches to activate them before bringing a hefty enemy into the fray. Using Rack’s magical powers and some traps I’d found along the way I was able to knock the big bad down.

It was a short, but sweet and promising glimpse of the game. Definitely worth checking this trailer out.

At the moment Rack N Ruin is due for release early next year on PC and Mac with iOS and Android versions to follow.

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