RAGE 2 – The RAGE’ening

RAGE 2 – The RAGE’ening

As of a few weeks ago, I don’t think many of us expected a new RAGE to appear on the horizon. But after a series of leaks, ones that Bethesda soon played up to the max, RAGE 2 was confirmed yesterday, with a full-fat trailer landing today. Hit the break to check it out.

With rose-tinted glasses, I seem to remember quite enjoying RAGE way back in 2011. Hell, it was one of the first games I played at a games show when I hit the stand at that years EGX. But after reading my review, and post-completion musings, it strikes me that I wasn’t as enthralled by the game as I thought I had been. Reading back through those pices, I understand why people were a bit incredulous that we RAGE 2 was being leaked.

But here we are, and from the leaks, the teaser trailer, and the full trailer, there is a certain Mad Max-esque flavour to proceedings. No longer are we trudging through brown corridors, we are outside smashing heads in and riding across the badlands in monster trucks. It should come as no surprise then to learn that id Software have teamed up with Avalanche Studios of Just Cause and 2015’s Mad Max fame.

Will RAGE 2 hit the heights of Bethesda’s shooter brethren, Doom and Wolfenstein? We’ll wait and see how it faires come 2019. For now though, we sit back and wait for E3 where we are promised RAGE 2 will blow the roof off Bethesda’s presentation.

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