Railgrade – spare faring logistics demo available

Railgrade – spare faring logistics demo available

As part of the Steam Games Festival, I stumbled across a demo for Railgrade, a construction strategy set around building railway lines on a far-flung colony cut-off from Earth. The demo is painfully short giving the briefest of a tease as to what the full game will offer. But it was just enough to pique my interest.

Railgrade cinematic view
When you take a ride on a train, it promises to look very good.

My immediate feeling was that it might not appeal to rail purists, with track laying and train management seeming to be a light-touch affair. That’s no bad thing as not everyone has the time to learn the ins and outs of how specific locos perform on different grade tracks pulling various loads, but I would need to see more to get a true feeling for the game.


The full game, due sometime this year, promises over 30 missions as you try to restore the economic prosperity of the planet you’re seemingly left in complete control of. I hope that in addition to the missions there will be a sandbox mode to allow you to really indulge your inner logistics brain. I did appreciate the cinematic view which allows you to take a ride on the trains, it’s a mode shown off in the trailer embedded. It’s a trailer which really shows what will be possible once the training wheels of the demo are taken away.

You can check out Railgrade on Steam here, or visit the official site here.

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